What i eat to get FIT | Prepping Meal for New Workout Program

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Today I will be making a “What I Eat Today”. We will eat Tasty food! Delicious and healthy food So today’s menu is so delicious. We got some tofu pancakes And also we have some chicken so there is a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Well I’m doing my best here Let’s start with the pie Your girl here craves that fluffy Japanese pie that you can hop on and sleep on It’s like really fluffy. It’s like a cloud.

What i eat to get FIT

Prepping Meal for New Workout Program

What i eat to get FIT – So today I’ll try to remake it In a low-carb version. I’ve made these before, but not a low-carb version You know, I’m trying to be more of a ripper for my next show So I’m going down a little bit on carbs today In the next couple of days also because I will be recording the program soon. Anyway, I’ll try to remake it This is my personal recipe I have searched for online.

I don’t think they hit the place I don’t think they will be thin. So I made my own A recipe I haven’t tried yet. Maybe I should give it a try before I make this video, but you know what? We’re just going to wing it. Okay, so let’s do that. Let’s just shut your mouth, Chloe. Well, let’s just bake right. Cook cook bake cook cook. I’ve got a Coconut flour and almond flour as well as baking powder and you get zero calories Sweetener, this is basically a mixture of Monk fruit and erythritol, you can’t pronounce this word but yeah And of course the most important thing We have our eggs. I’ve already divided it into two bowls The yolk here and the egg white are this big. Mm they are Let’s just mix this shit together. Well, we’re going to mix the yolks first We will sift the flour This mix of coconut flour, almond flour, and baking powder is here.

Damn, this is so dry We need some almond milk and two tablespoons I use almond milk here. It’s not going well for you guys Why does this happen? So I added three tablespoons of almond milk because coconut flour absorbs a lot of water Some vanilla extract Now we’re gonna multiply these things Add a pinch of salt, which looks really good. It is ready now I’m just going to roll it up here just first to mix it up well Well, that’s it. I’ll put this on the stove. Even the pan is very warm. I sprinkled a little olive oil You can also use butter. I can’t be bothered. And now I just put it here. We’ll make 3 Pancakes. Oh shit Well my pies won’t look very pretty but it’s okay, you know I just want it to taste good oh my god stop moving then I’ll cover it up 4 minutes with a cap And I’ll be back, I don’t really think I know what I’m doing there but I think it’s over Well, my blender is also here this thing is a little rusty I think I should get a new one.

But I’ve been looking forward to KitchenAid for years But it is very large and expensive I have been searching for it for a long time and still do not understand it Should I have it? Tell me you guys in the comments? Should I get kitchen help so I can finally bake things because my little blender is rusty I’m not supposed to use it anymore, but that’s all I have Well one of the reasons for this being put off is because my oven is kinda broken and my burner is kinda broken Broken, as if they don’t always work. My birthday was last week. I was gonna get it I was like my birthday. I deserve KitchenAid But I didn’t understand. Instead, she got makeup I only buy makeup once or twice a year once during Black Friday and the second time when I need to Like repacking.

So yeah, I got my makeup on. Got Stylenanda’s Makeup (3CE) So a lot you guys ask me always what I use it on my lips. It’s always Stylenanda Lip products Well, has it been four minutes? I’ve been walking around for four minutes now Oh Very fluffy, it really smells though But gentle. Let’s try to turn this around. This is the biggest challenge because my capacity is so small. why? I feel good about it.

I think this will be successful for four minutes, and I can finally eat Okay now okay now. Oh my God, that actually looks pretty good Either from the fact that it doesn’t look very pretty because my little pot like a skillet is just so small But this seems pretty legitimate It’s definitely not as fluffy as the one I had in Japan, but it is really thin. It looks very gentle to me It is beautiful on the inside. So there is a lot of air And I also made some raspberry sauce Wow me I mean, it could be more airy.

What i eat to get FIT

It could be more fluffy, but this is really thin and no sugar added. Yes, sweetener So this one is high in fat and protein but not too many carbohydrates It is really really really good OK. Now is the time to prepare the delicious Dalgona Chocolate So I made a coffee. that was good But now I’ll try to match stevia instead.

So let’s try that because it was Really, amazing So the key to having great hot chocolate at home is to have a very good taco powder and that Brands, cocoa powder taste really good. Some cocoa powder just doesn’t taste good So I’ll add two tablespoons of this. Yes to spoon penetration Cocoa powder will be amazing Two tablespoons Maybe I don’t know 20 points of stevia If you don’t work it doesn’t work with Stevi, I think you need like powdered sugar I would only drink it in his week just because milk Chocolate milk is always good. So I’m just going to warm up the milk Using – for each side and This is my little drink Now as a snack I’ll have hot chocolate with some beef jerky, that’s really tough I’ll give this oil So yeah, I want to take a break now Ideally, I’ll go play some games because I’m so tired and I’m not sleeping.

Well at the same time I have a lot of work to do now. I have my workout plan with the streams of my life too I broadcast live on Twitch every week and also once a week on YouTube So there’s a lot of this content going on and planning our upcoming summer shredding program So it kind of happens a lot at the same time. I just wanna play games I pretty much play fo7 on my birthday, which is the best thing ever since I didn’t have to work I was like chilling and my stomach felt so good that day because I wasn’t stressed So stress is really important when it comes to reducing bloating.

So yeah, I’ll be back for a line I don’t want to parody you guys with my life story. You know, I’ll see you guys in the middle Lunch is ready. That sounds good so tofu looks a lot like my sandwich. let’s try it Oh is she Hmm. This is pretty much his version of the Lower Carb burger. So I have tofu as my bread and it tastes very good So you can order three sprinkle sauces, or you can have any chilli sauce while dressing But this is really delicious on its own because this miso is in the plan Everything is soldered. So it’s really good Make sure to use firm tofu, such as soft tofu. So it tastes so amazing That’s for dinner, and that’s what I have some chicken left over Leftover rice and fresh vegetables Sorry. So I fried the rice and you protected me in this part Oh my guys she can taste really good this black pepper chicken, and it’s always better the next day So this chicken, you must try this recipe.

It will be at the end of the video So just check it out because it’s extremely tasty and very easy to make like just four ingredients I mean three or four ingredients and I don’t think I told you guys I woke up this morning Didn’t I think I told you guys so I worked before I started filming I was doing the hourglass challenge and I was playing new exercises and tried my new workout very well I just need to fix it a little. This is for my next show that is coming in a month or so Nice Guys prepare for that because it will be intense for us to have any planetary exercises.

They are really good Also, I just want to thank you so much for watching my videos Like I can’t believe this many of you guys now. It’s mad. It’s 4 minutes from us thank you very much. Fabulous You know working with me watches my videos and being so supportive of each other I love our community He’s very supportive and people are very positive for miniver’s now I seriously can’t believe the number. It is new to me. Sorry I also created this team channel where you guys can hang out and chat with one of these pooches I also enter every day just to have a look and chat with you So you guys are amazing all the tools I’ve seen in my insta story. It is very funny I just want to say thank you guys for watching my video and I hope you enjoy the video today The recipe will be in the description box or in my blog So or on the video, I’ll just try to integrate everything. Oh a lot of work to do anyway Hope you enjoy today’s video, like this video and let me know in the comments if you want more food Videos, I got a lot of good ideas guys I don’t know if I want everything on my channel But if you want to see more, let me know in a comment, will I see you soon OK It is good to say something else. But anyway, I’ll see you soon. Good-bye. I love you .

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