What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Prep!

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Hey guys, I have a good meal, prep lunch recipe and a nice little simple dinner, all very healthy, but still like tastes, good. It’S not like all salads.

What i’m saying? Okay, so today’s friday – and i don’t have class until the afternoon, so i’m just kind of taking a leisurely morning.

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What I Eat in a Day?

It’S like nine o’clock i may or may not have slept in a lot because pinto decided that he would play at like four or five and six a.m.

This has been like an ongoing problem for us, i’m trying to figure it out, but i’m tired. So the first thing that i’m doing is making my coffee. I prepared my cold brew last night i just kind of put like three heaping tablespoons of ground coffee into my french press.

Put some water in it pop it in the fridge. You can either leave it on the counter or pop it in the fridge. I’M not really sure it’s better, but both have kind of worked for me and i will show you what i used if i was going to class i’d, be using my like to go cup, but i’m not so so.

What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Prep!

The coffee i use today is from the brand for sigmatic and it’s coffee – that’s like infused with mushrooms. So i know it sounds weird, but it’s actually just 100 arabica organic coffee and it doesn’t taste like mushrooms. It literally just tastes, like my regular coffee and i’ve said this before, but i really drink my coffee black, so i don’t really care about like the flavor of the coffee itself, like as long as it tastes like good coffee.

That’S really all i ask and i’m kind of back and forth with coffee, because some coffees i drink it and then like three hours later, i’m like just as tired and sometimes i literally can’t drink coffee like before my labs, because i get like so jittery that It like interferes with like what i’m doing in school, but actually this coffee has done a really good job of not making me jittery and, like i feel, like i kind of like fade off of it without like totally crashing.

I think that’s the mushrooms. Okay, i’m tired of sitting like that, so these are actually functional. Mushrooms, they’re, not just like the mushrooms that you like cook in your dinner, and this Blog is actually sponsored by four sigmatic. But i was kind of excited when they reached out because i’ve been interested in mushrooms for a long time, because, actually, a couple years ago, my doctor recommended a mushroom supplement to me and there’s actually a growing body of research on these mushrooms in health wellness.

And i highly recommend reading up on these mushrooms because i don’t think they’re talked about enough, but there’s a lot of information on the internet always use good sources. So, like i said i always took a mushroom supplement. But honestly, it’s just another pill to take, and i hate, having like so many pills to take that’s just kind of like a chore so having it in.

My coffee is kind of a good way to just have it already incorporated into my routine without thinking about it and just adding another thing to take during the day. So this is the think one and it has chaga and lion’s mane.

So chaga has been known to support immune function and has been used for, like hundreds of years around the world in medicine and lion’s mane is good for brain function and gut health and helps with focus, which is why it’s kind of good to be paired with Coffee, so this is the one i used today, but they also have one that’s formulated for gut health as well, which i am always about, because i struggle with gut health as well.

So this one also has chaga, but it also has turkey tail and it has prebiotics and probiotics, and turkey tail is an antioxidant supports immune function, and it’s also gut supporting turkey. Tail is actually one of the mushrooms i used to take in my mushroom supplement and gut health also just plays a big role in immune function, so this one is also very good.

So i do have a link in the description. It’Ll give you 10 off your first order and free shipping on all orders over 100, so that is down below and now i will make my copy okay, so i have to save half of this for ian yeah. It just tastes like normal coffee to me.

You cannot taste any like mushroom taste. I don’t really know what those mushrooms would taste like, but it just tastes like black coffee and then i’m just gon na add a little bit of creamer today usually drink my protein coffee, but not every day.

We do all right – and now i just have some nice iced coffee – to get me for the day, i’ll check back in in a little while for breakfast.

Easy and Healthy Meal Prep!

Okay, so i realized i didn’t show this, because i just had the same breakfast that i basically always do on busy days. I just had my protein oats, so i’m gon na link a video down below on how to make them, but it’s really easy.

I just do like a scoop of protein. Half cup of oats, some almond milk, throw it in the fridge. Nothing too crazy. If you guys want to see more breakfast ideas comment down below, because i can try to be more creative with my breakfast.

It’S just so easy and so good it’s hard to move past it. So i’m about to start meal prepping my lunches for the week and this week we’re making burrito balls, but i’m trying to amp them up a little bit because sometimes it’s just like ground beef and beans and rice. And it’s just like that’s boring. So we have lean ground beef. I just got this from trader joe’s.

This is also trader joe’s, just some black beans. I prefer black beans, even though my cat is named pinto there. He is way up there. I also got this mexican style roasted corn with cotija.

I think you say it cheese, so i think that’ll be a good little addition, and then i have my rice cooker going for some rice and then with all that i also just got some pre-made pico de gallo salsa, because i am not going to cut up Onions and tomatoes all just for this, and also some little like guacamole packets, okay. So now i have all the components cooked.

So let me just show you well first, we have a peach who thinks it’s for dinner time. Do you think it’s your time see it’s not so the ground beef is done cooking. I just use this mccormick taco seasoning that i got at costco.

Then i cooked the roasted corn, you basically just microwave it and then mix in the sauce and then microwave. It again, but it smells really good. I’M definitely excited the only thing it says like to eat it right away, which i won’t be doing so i don’t know if i should like save the like cheese to sprinkle on top like when i’m actually eating it.

I think i might do that because i don’t want to like have the cheese all melt and then the beans are just kind of strained a little bit because it always has like bean liquid, whatever that is um, and i’m just gon na put this in the Meal prep things – i don’t really like do anything to the beans because correct me, if i’m wrong, i think beans are already cooked.

If not, i’ve been doing this wrong for a long time and then my rice is almost done so now i’m going to start weighing things out. I do weigh things out, not because i track macros or anything or calories, but because i just like to make sure i’m putting the same amount of stuff in each of the bowls, or else i have one with like a pound of beef and one without that’s.

Not true because this whole thing’s a pound of beef, you know what i mean so now time to pack things up, so i just added the rice to all the bowls. So this is what it looks like before. We add the toppings, but i like to microwave this and then like. I don’t want warm guac.

So we add that after so i’ll show you, when i’m actually eating this for lunch all right, so i’m home for lunch today and i’m about to heat up the lunches and adding the final touches here. It is before i heat it up, i’m just going to microwave it and then i’m going to add some mild pico de gallo, salsa and then some guaca.

Okay, now we’re adding the toppings through the pico, and then we also have some of the cheese from the um. Don’T add a lot, because we need to make it for all the lunches just a little bit a little bit. Okay, that’s the cheese from the corn and then the clock, and then we’re done is peach.

Do you want this? So just whipped up my greens and reds? I usually have these either like mid-afternoon or after dinner. I have these every day and i just feel like they kind of fill in the gaps in my nutrition.

If i’m not getting quite enough fruits or vegetables in usually i’m pretty good about getting veggies in, but i feel like, i don’t have fruit every single day, which i am trying to snack on fruit more but like today i bought some blueberries and they got moldy Before i could eat them, so this is all the fruit i got.

They also just helped me a lot with my digestion and my bloating, so i always love these and, as always, i have my first form stuff linked down below and with my dinner i always have my vitamins. I take three fish oils and one probiotic.

I’Ve been taking fish oils for like two years now. I started when my doctor recommended them for my dry eye. I just really haven’t found a reason to stop and i notice a difference in my dry eye when i don’t take them. So i love my fish oils, so now i’m about to make dinner, i don’t necessarily meal prep, all of my dinners.

Actually, i don’t really meal prep, my dinners much at all, but usually i do cook some stuff and then i have a little bit left over for the next night. But i do always do like a little bit of cooking for dinner, because meal prepping for more than that is just a lot and plus i’m always home for dinner.

So it’s really not that big of a deal to just like make stuff when i have it, but i do always make sure to plan my dinners because, honestly, the biggest barrier for me not eating healthy is just not planning. So i have some herb chicken thighs that i cooked the other night from trader joe’s.

I love the herbs chicken thighs, the pesto chicken breast, for some reason, has a weird taste side note, but we’re gon na just microwave that, then i’m also going to cook it with these roasted potatoes with peppers and onions, also from trader joe’s.

I put these up in the airfryer and they’re so good and they’re, just like little potatoes and some veggies. I’M also going to cook these broccoli and cauliflower duets. So we got a little ranch. It’S a simple dinner, but everything has really good flavor and i just like it i mean the broccoli. Cauliflower obviously, doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but i don’t know i’m a big broccoli person, so i’m gon na pop the potatoes in the air fryer for like 15 minutes and then towards the end of that.

I’M just gon na put the cauliflower and broccoli in the microwave and the chicken in the microwave, and that’s it so easy. So here’s how the potatoes turned out. They are nice and crispy. Then we got the broccoli and cauliflower and the chicken’s cooking.

All right, so here’s the final product we ended up having enough chicken, it’s like not a ton but we’re also getting a snack later, and i made a lot of potatoes, so potatoes with some peppers and onions. They could have more peppers.

If you ask me, um also i’m redoing my nails tonight, that’s why they are bare, then, with the chicken and the cauliflower and broccoli.

So that’s what we’re having so i’m about to wrap up my night with some ice cream and yes, it is just regular ice cream people. You can eat regular ice cream and be healthy.

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