What Goes into Designing a Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen

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What Goes into Designing a Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen – Today we’re going to be making pan-seared salmon. I need you to help me cut the radish, please, first for our salmon dish. So, you do that I’m going to grab you a bowl.

In today’s day and age, there are so many home culinarians. People are taking their passion to the next level and with this kitchen you have that ability. So, we’re gonna get a nice nonstick pan a little bit of fresh olive oil let that warm up a little. Fresh sliced garlic as well.

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My name is Brandon Smith, Executive Chef, and I’m proud to have helped design the Shea 3D kitchen. My goal for designing the ultimate kitchen for Shea was to make sure that if I was designing a commercial kitchen how could I design that at home.

What Goes into Designing a Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen

This is something that I’ve never seen out there and we’re looking to break the mold. The layout of this 3d kitchen is unlike any other kitchen. Every nook and cranny was thought about as to why we wanted it this way mise en place is a term that we use in the culinary professional world and it means “everything in its place.

” This kitchen has everything in its place Everything’s laid out with specific purpose. Where, from a chef perspective, I would want them if this was my kitchen. It has the gourmet aspect and it allows you to throw the most memorable dining party on a Saturday night, but then wake up Sunday morning and have pancakes with the family. Quality is key and a kitchen like this.

What Goes into Designing a Gourmet Chef's Kitchen

You want it to not only have that “wow” factor but, just like in a commercial kitchen, you know what’s going to last for years. The kitchen is a cornerstone of almost any home. That’s where everybody ends up coming together. For me, growing up our our living room was in a completely different side of the house. With a layout of the 3D kitchen, everybody is all in one room.


It allows you to be part of the event and not just the cook. If you’re coming over to a dinner party, and I’m a culinarian, I’m gonna have you help me mince the garlic. I’m gonna have you zest the lemons for me. That’s where the fun happens. It’s not just a dinner party. When everybody’s involved it’s an experience. And it’s an experience like no other. You’re gonna remember that for the rest of your life. This was a great process, not only for me, but I believe for the design team to find a home builder that wants to really give the homeowner something that gives an output.

From a chef’s perspective, if I’m blown away think about the day-to-day culinarian. They’re gonna walk in and go “Wow, this is it.

What Goes into Designing a Gourmet Chef’s KitchenWhere’s this been my entire life?” It’s a dream come true for me so I can only imagine what it’s like for the homeowner. Experience the Shea 3D kitchen.

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