The Try Guys Bake Bread Without A Recipe

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The Try Guys Bake Bread Without A Recipe – More flour!? I’m going rogue. It smells like pizza. Is it poison if I just eat like this? When do you put the yeast in, I wonder?

Today, we’re in the Tasty Kitchen, where the Try Guys will try their hand at making bread. But, there’s a catch. They will not be getting a recipe, or any instructions how to do it. They will just have to go by their own initiative and the ingredients they have chosen.

The bakers will be judged by our panel. Alexis deBoschnek from Buzzfeed’s own Tasty Kitchen. Hannah Hart, from her show, I Hart Food on the Food Network. And Zack Hall, from LA’s famous Clark Street Bakery.


Bread is very simple on paper. You get the flour, and by adding water to it it makes gluten. Which is able to trap gas. We use the salt just to give bread flavor. Without it, it would be bland. And we use the yeast to make the gas in bread.

That’s why bread is inflated, and it is nice and fluffy. This is an extremely easy thing to mess up. Especially if you don’t have a lot of practice doing it. Bread. Bread is one of those things that everybody has eaten. But how do you make bread? I don’t bake.

I don’t cook anything. I used to be a chemist, so I know that baking is a very precise science. And like math, I can look at a problem and know it’s algebra.

But I’m not going to know what the answer is. We’re just going to fucking wing it, you guys. I think I’m going to win this today. I think, for once, Keith is like the leader because I think I know what I’m doing. Ready, guys? On your mark.

Get set. And try and bake! To get started, our bakers must first select their ingredients from the Tasty Pantry. And I hope they choose wisely. Oh, liquid bread. Oh, boy, this is overwhelming. There’s a lot of stuff. I would suggest to start with a loaf of just flour, water, salt, and yeast.

You know, it’s sort of like the benchmark. It’s like, do this before you move onto adding other ingredients to it. Do you guys know where gluten is? I think I just need salt, yeast, flour.

Is there anything else I should get? Sugar? I got honey. Today I’m going to make a white bread. White bread’s a lot like me. Plain, not super healthy, and generally likable. Thyme. Cayenne. I love black roasted sesame seeds. I love alcohol. I love spice. Those two things represent me. I’m going to try to find a way to fold it into bread.

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I don’t know if either belong there, but I’m going to make it happen. My ancestors made the mistake of forgetting yeast in their bread. I am not going to follow in their footsteps. Boom. Three things of yeast.

My approach is just going to be… I’m just going to grab as much bullshit as possible, and hope that something happens. I don’t want to create poison. How many eggs do I need? Fuck it, I’ll take all of them.

Oooh, cinnamon! Oh my god, yes. In my family, me and my dad were the only two people that liked cinnamon raisin bread. So it’s a very special memory for me, and I’m going to try and recreate the cinnamon raisin bread that we bought at the store.

What are we grabbing? What? I need a bowl, I need a bowl. Need a big bowl. Need a small bowl. So the first thing you want to do when you’re making bread is to mix together your ingredients. First ingredient of bread: bread crumbs.

Thyme to bake. Nobody? I have this sugar from Japan. I didn’t grab sugar. I grabbed honey. Which is essentially sugar that’s been vomited out of a bee’s mouth.

My bread is going to be a honey white bread, and I’m going to give it an egg wash on top, so it looks extra special. Cayenne! Are you starting with spices? Is that … ? I’m just mixing them together. My bread is going to be the drunken 12 spice loaf. It has an entire pack of IPA beer, and lots of spice.

So, what’s your game plan, Ned? First, I’m going to make a cinnamon and sugar mixture, and set it aside. It’s going to give it some color, some swirls, and some sweetness. Today, I’m making a cinnamon raisin bread. It reminds me of growing up eating toast.

I got three different types of flour. I’m just going to go with this one, because it sounds the fanciest. Buckwheat flour. Getting buckwheat on. Today, I am baking a buckwheat loaf, including some of my favorite things. Like Nutella, gummy bears, and bread crumbs.

I am starting with yeast. So what is yeast? Is this the stuff that gives women infections? Is this different yeast? So one of these yeast packets is 14 grams.

Just a little bit of that. There we go. That’s all the yeast you need. Yeast is going in, baby. Let’s see what happens. As everyone knows, all chemical reactions get accelerated by agitation, so I’m going to stir my yeast. You know yeast is in beer, don’t you?

If Eugene’s bringing more yeast, then I want more yeast. I’m supposed to put some amount of this water into this bowl, and then add some amount of sugar in as well, because the sugar activates the yeast.

You don’t need to activate the yeast. If it’s dried like this, you can just add it in straight with the dry ingredients. Mix it, add the water, it’ll do it’s thing. We’ll put in the flour. Pour it all. Get it. Get in there. Buck buck buck. All about the ratio. Next we’ll go with 20 grams of salt. Mazel tov! This is what they do in the cooking shows, so let’s do it like that. So I’m just going to put in a tablespoon.

Now we can add our water. Make a nice soft dough. – [Keith] You should use water. Here, now, you just want to mix it until all of the water has been absorbed and it’s homogenized,

so there’s no pieces of dry flour remaining, and there’s no clumps. You look like you’re doing very well, actually. I have watched a lot of cooking shows. They roll the dough into a little ball.

Does egg go in bread? Because I’m putting it in there. Why does mine look like doodoo? Did I fuck up something? You need to get some more flour in there, because that’s more like, um. Mud pies, than anything else. Any real flour? I don’t want to open a new flour.

Eugene, I’m going to borrow some flour, buddy. There’s one thing this dough needs, and it’s a little more love. You want to make sure you knead your bread enough. The way to tell whether you knead it enough is it will change from some sort of putty into kind of holding it’s own shape a little more. It’ll look smooth, it’ll look shiny.

This feels a lot like I’m massaging a really squishy butt. It’s taking me forever to fucking knead this. And I need this! Y’all, this is coming together! How is yours that color? I don’t know, I tried to be fancy. Why is– Why? From that point on, you want to be hands off.

You don’t want to be too rough with it. I knead this, baby! Because everything you do to it will knock gas out of it, and make it denser and harder to bake through. Beer volcano! Look, the more solid stuff I put in here, the better shot I got.

I did find a beer bottle cap in it before, but I took it out. At this point, you’re just shaping it so it looks like a loaf of bread. You want to make sure there’s not too much flour. Just enough. Otherwise it prevents the dough from sticking to itself.

I’ve got my bread all rolled up, with cinnamon and sugar and raisins. Right now, you know what it looks like? It looks like one of those airplane pillows. This is my lump. It’s a little bit of buckwheat. Some Nutella in there, because everyone loves Nutella.

Threw in some Fruity Pebs, for the nostalgia factor. Here is my bread. Nice and ready. I hate that Eugene’s dough looks pretty okay right now. After you’ve shaped it, then it proofs. What I like to do at this point is to stick it in the fridge overnight.

It’ll rise really slow at a cool temperature. The next morning when you come back to it, you’ll see it’s doubled in volume, and it’s ready to be baked. –

So it’s been quite a day for our bakers. And now they’re ready to put their dough aside to proof overnight. Oh, I hope they don’t fuck it up. It’s day two of this exciting baking challenge. Everyone’s waiting to see.

Have their breads risen? My yeast was foaming, so hopefully things work out okay. I’m just worried it’s going to be too big, really.

I think no matter what happens, we’re all impressed, you know? It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

It was already rising pretty well, by the end of yesterday, so I have good hopes for it.

I think I did pretty poorly yesterday. Might have been one of my worst performances in Try Guys history. Let’s see. Okay, let’s see it. Whoa. Oh no! No, it’s good. I didn’t expect it to become flat. Like a soup. Oh my god! It went from an airline pillow to a buttpad.

Hey! It rose a little bit! It looks like a stale turd. Holy shit! Still smells like beer. This looks crazy. This is awful, and it’s a monster, and hopefully I can bake it. Woo! Okay, so let’s talk about how to bake it.

So I’m going to try and make a cinnamon bundt cake bread. Cake is really just a type of bread. One of the most beautiful things you can do with bread is a signature. Something that lets everybody know that it’s your bread, and not anyone else’s bread.

So I’m going to split it with a K, for Keith. How does he know so much about bread? I’m just going to throw butter on it. Yeah, now we got a real buttery dough. Oh! Oh, it’s squirting. To complete my bread, I’m going to give it a nice crust of pretzels and chocolate. Oh, it did nothing.

I can’t even break a pretzel right? I’m going to make a braid. If there’s one thing I know how to do with two sisters is braid. I really respect what’s happening on this side of the room.

We’re getting a little avant garde with it. We’re mixing it up. (gasps) Yes, queen, yes. You bake for 40 minutes about about 475 degrees. I’m doing 350 degrees. 40 minutes? I don’t know. I’m just going to say 30 minutes. The thing is, I wanted to preheat mine at 375 as well.

Wow. Because of frozen foods. I would say that if I’m doing it, that’s maybe a sign you shouldn’t do it. I’m going to do a little egg wash on it, so that it even looks sexier.

Ooh, that’s not washing the way I want it to. Did you add some water in there too, or just egg? No, just egg. Should it be water too? A little bit. Welp. I see that there’s some bubbling happening down there. Smells good. Why is it bubbling? That’s a cake pan, for starters.

Well, I gotta stand out in this competition. Oh, I think you will. It looks like a cottage loaf. Oh, okay. That sounds fancy. I’ll take that. I think I’m good. I think I’m going to take it out. Alright, there you go.

Then, what you’re left with is something like this. A loaf of bread that’s got a nice color to it, nice and even shape, nice volume. This is really amazing.

I can’t believe it, I’m going to fucking win. That’s bread! The egg wash definitely remained just egg on top of bread. It certainly smells like eggs, but otherwise I think it’s good. I assume you put butter on everything because butter is delicious. Aaah! It’s bread! –

Sesame seeds. Welcome to the final judging. Where we will find out who is the top baker. We’ll be judging on three categories: Presentation. Taste. And, is it bread? Ned, will you please present your bread? Judges, I present to you Ned’s Cinnamon Raisin. Is that a bundt cake? It is. A bundt pan was used to make the bread, yes. The ‘bread.’ It smells pretty sweet. And it’s got a nice heft to it.

Yes. Yeah. Let’s see how it taste, maybe. Oh, man. I think that about sums up what I think of the taste. Where is the bitterness coming from? Give it a try. Need some milk right about now, right? I think it’s a good first try for sure, but definitely could use a little bit more sugar and salt next time.

Just to get the flavor. It’s a little bit bland. So judges, my question now is, is it bread? It is bread-like. But there’s so much more it wants to be. The more I eat it, the more I’m into it. That is called Stockholm Syndrome.

Here it comes. Oh, is that an egg wash? Just initially, the first scent I’m getting off of it is the yolk. It really smells like egg.

Presentation wise, I think this looks like it could be bread. Yeah, I think without the egg wash, it would look just like a really nice attempt at bread. – Yeah, I think I fucked it up right at the end there. Give it a shot. Oh my god. – Give it a chance. What do you think? Oh my god.

It’s got zero flavor. Well, it’s got to have some flavor, you’re really reacting. And it’s underbaked. Oh, fuck. Let’s see if it bounces. You’d think that it would have less– Mmm. It’s good. So, judges, is it bread? Yes. This is definitely bread. We can give it that.

That is great. I would almost swallow this. I will. – I’ll take it. Really? Yes, this is– My slice is good! I just feel like it’s old beer. It is three bottles of beer. You might have gotten a lot of star anise in your slice. I didn’t know how it was proportioned. Is this your first time making bread? Yeah, it’s my first time. Not a bad job at all.

No, no. Actually slightly impressive. Boo, he was a mess! So the final question is, is it bread? Absolutely. Am I still drunk? Because I wasn’t expecting these answers. Okay, Zach. Please present your bread. Judges, today we’ve seen where bread has been. I’m going to show you where bread is going, if you will. An introduction.

I present my take on the buckwheat bread: The Bucksweet Bread. What forest floor did you pick this up off of? You’re telling me that if you walked into an organic food restaurant, and you saw that, you wouldn’t be like, “Yeah, I’m intrigued.”? You know, it look rustic.

Thank you, thank you. I don’t want to eat it. Cause you just want to lick at it all day. Because it’s so beautiful.

I get it. I’m just going to… Does it look like bread? No. No. Are there sprinkles in here? Oh, I like that it just falls. – [Zach] It’s a crumble loaf, did I not mention that? I’m real confident with this one. I can’t– It’s funny. I can’t actually seem to pick it up.

Come on, Zack. From one Zach to another. No. Nonono. Just put your tongue on it. We lost Zack, that’s fine. There’s only room for one Zach in here. Got my girls. Oh, come on. That is the worst food I’ve ever tried in my life. Wow. Wow, you did it. I didn’t know I’d be getting a superlative today. That’s amazing. It’s truly terrible. I actually am covered in chills. I swallowed at least ten percent of that. That’s not the goal. You could not pay me to eat this. Is it bread? This is not bread, at all. Right, because it’s next level. Uh, no, this is not bread. Chefs, thank you. You know, I can leave this wherever you want.

No, you should burn it. So, judges. What do you think? On the bright side, we know which is the worst. Oh, yeah. Ned’s was really beautiful. True. If he had been going for bundt cake, he would have really nailed it. And if he had used sugar.

It looked nice when it came out. It looked really nice, Ned. Really good job. Really nice. So on the second, we have Keith.

The dinosaur egg. You really have a future in almost sort of making bread. And now for the big finale.

Wonder who it could be? I’m pleased to announce… Eugene. Eugene. Congratulations! Yay, thank you! I’ve been asking for hugs all day. I really think it was the coloring and the distribution that

That’s what edged everybody out, you know? You actually had something that was kind of like a crust. It’s not good. – No no no. Let’s not get confused here. It’s not good. It is the best out of the others. I think we learned how to accidentally make bread.

This inspired me to try cooking more than I do now. Can’t help but say I’m incredibly discouraged about the outcome of today’s video. I tried so hard to engineer a video that couldn’t end the same way all videos end. Sometimes you take risks. And like Eugene, it pays off.

Other times, those risks do not pay off. I want to try and bake bread with a recipe next time. I feel like I could have really nailed this if I just had a couple of simple instructions. Eugene’s did taste better, okay!? I’ll admit it! That’s what I’m upset about. His bread was better! I’m not mad because I think that his wasn’t better and I should have won. He should have won.

I’m mad that I wanted to win more and I didn’t! I’m disappointed in myself! And I’ve been externalizing all my anger on Eugene and other people but I’m mad at my own shortcomings. Shouldn’t have put the egg on top!

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