Servings of the DASH Eating Plan

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Servings of the DASH Eating Plan – And look at the fruits as a whole and we saw four to five servings per day.

Can you put that? In an example, you have some bananas and apples here exactly exactly so. The vegetables and fruits are similar in terms of a serving so half a cup of cooked vegetables or chopped up is the serving half a cup of fruit, or this banana here is not very large.


If it’s larger, you could eat half of it. A small apple here we have some mangoes depending on the size. You know, there’s some fruit they’re a little bit bigger than other, so you want to try to think of the size. That’S in a small fist or like a tennis. Ball is another good visual to use.

So, if you think of it that way, you want to try to eat four to five servings. So if you have a salad that has let’s say, lettuce and tomato cucumbers, maybe have a few other vegetables in there and maybe a couple of blueberries. There you’ve gotten a good majority of your fruits and then try to snack on fruits during the day too.

That’Ll help incorporate more of the four to five servings that you need in the day, -a really large banana can be like two servings of fruit, -exactly -did. You tell your patients to do this -I tell my patients to Angie. You could see, as I do, with the exercise -we’re not gon, na leave Brian out.

In fact, the next segment is on exercise, so he’s the king of that so he’ll be chiming. In on that, I want to go back to the protein also, and if we can, I was a little surprised to see the amount that it was gon na, be a little bit more.

So six servings or less per day of the lean meats and a serving is one ounce. But what does that mean? Because always when we talk announces or pounds, sometimes you know the average person says, but what does that mean so a deck of cards or the size of your palm not including the fingers, is where people say.

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