Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes by Gordon Ramsay

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The secret of making great food is to ensure you lock in every last ounce of flavor in that pan and this spicy sausage rice does exactly that. take the spicy, sausages and piss that skin, because I want all that delicious spicy sausage meat out of this casing and you get more flavor from the sausage when you take them out the casing.

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes – Sausage is ready, turn on the gas red onion, less acidic, that a big white Spanish onion and a lot more flavor, some tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon only because I want all that fat coming out of sausages just to really help flavor the onions, onions in And the owners go in first, because you can never rush cooking an onion.

It’s really important to sort of give them 5 6 minutes in the pan, so you can really start the camera Lizer and now for my pepper slice around wasting nothing. I want to see that sort of little core those pips in the center. No fine, dice, pepper.

The rice is going to be cooking for 20 minutes, so I want the veg to sort of have texture after is cooked peppers in with a garlic to nice clothes. Just slap down off with the shell garlic in now I’ll turn up the gas get the pan, nice and hot, because the minute that fossil goes in everything cools down and you’ll end up boiling in the peppers and the onions or the garlic.

So heat up to maximum and then just make a well in the center, I mean now start stirring quickly. This way you get so much more bang for your buck out of sausages, because the skins off and the real flavor of that spicy Italian sausage is gon na come first. What’S great about this recipe is that you can use any type of sausage to get the flavor and the heat you want.

I’ve gone for the spicy Italian, but it’s just as good with no gays or sweet, so a teaspoon freaking, and give you that really nice smoky flavor ricin and we’re gon na sort of basically sear the rice. We call it in the kitchen blasting or ice, where we sort of soda that rice for 30 seconds and it takes on all that flavor next white wine, so the wine sort of deglazing the pan, I’m watching all that flavor on the bottom of the pan into The rice stock in bring it up to the boil, turn it down and let it simmer double stop to rice turn that gas down and let it simmer for 12 to 15 minutes and just give it.

The occasional stir, keep an eye on it. Now get ready to finish it slice, spring onions, diced, sweet juicy tomatoes and roughly chopped earthy flat leaf parsley Springer’s in tomatoes in off with the gas really important. Otherwise, everything becomes overcooked flat leaf parsley in, but look at the volume in that pan. Now that is an amazing way to take spicy internal sausages to a completely different level, beautiful first off, get your pan on and start sweating off your onions and your garlic.

This recipe involves making the meatballs in a classic way, but the exciting part it’s actually cook them in coconut milk, I think, is a really nice new dimension to a sort of soft rich, sumptuous, meatball chop, the onion nice and finely even those slices very close together. Close to the slices of finer, the aliens, Pat it back down at an angle, slice down and just chop what the onions, nice and fine, because I want some finesse to these meatballs and the secret of a really good meatball – is the texture getting that balance right Between the minced beef, the bread crumbs, the milk and the seasoning, a couple cloves of garlic slice, the garlic really nice and thinly nice, pan nice and hot, a tablespoon of olive oil, quite generous avilable, onions and garlic.

Quick and Simple Dinner Recipes

In with such a salt, with your mints, open it up a little bit, I sort of put it out salt and pepper. For me, a good meatball is all about the softness, the texture of that rich beef and the way it sort of melts in your mouth. You can color on the outside, but you want it nice and soft and sort of rich in the center mix that in beautifully and then paste it back out again I got some really nice, dried chili flakes and the season onions with the chili flakes chili flakes In cook that out for two minutes, oonh add some milk.

Take your breadcrumbs make a little well take four tablespoons of milk that makes a sort of nice slightly doughy texture, but it lightens the texture of the meatball place. That, then, add your onions, your garlic and your chili in there as well nice give your hands in there start mixing them. If you’ve got the right amount of milk and bread crumbs, it doesn’t mean binding with an egg that may be too small problem with making them too small is the fact that they dry out quickly just size or golf ball. Little bit bigger nice in a really nice tie squeeze and stops it from breaking out. It always pays to double the recipe and spend a bit more time making extra meatballs.

So you can freeze a batch ready for another time. Give the pan a little wipe out. Then, wash out that pan we’ve got that flavor from the onions and the garlic in the bottom got that pan nice and hot touch of olive oil in there place them. The top of your pan, nice and gently set them in the oil, a palette knife and go underneath them and just sort of tilt the pan and let the pan cook the back of the meatball, we’re going to add some heat coriander seeds, a spicy peppery, was To give a very nice flavor to the coconut milk in next some cardamom seeds, three or four onto the board knife on and little touch of turmeric into the center of the pan.

I’Ll give it a really nice spicy, flavor a little pinch cinnamon all the time. You’Re doing this, those meatballs are just getting tastier and taste yeah a couple of dried chilies, let them infuse in their oil and then some lemongrass just take the back of your knife and sort of beat it down. That starts to release all that lovely sort of fragrance now someone’s just let off the most amazing fragrant air freshener in the lemongrass and finally, some fresh ginger, peel and slice nice and thinly time now to tell them over and the other half a wonderful flavor, 50 Stock in bring the stock up the boil turn the gas up and then add the coconut milk and on the coconut milk just sitting underneath the top of a meatball coconut milk in and that sort of gives it that creamy richness. But it’s not heavy.

It’S a fragrant light richness before we start simmering check the seasoning, a nice soft texture of the meatball, but that fragrance light richness of the coconut broth. It’s gon na cook those meatballs perfectly bring the broth up to the boil and simmer gently for eight to ten minutes touch them with your finger. There should be slightly pliable, but it slightly springy gas off. I’M gon na finish it off with something light and fresh zest of lime, but I want the zest on top of the meatball so I’ll cut through that richness and then finally squeeze fresh lime and that just gives it a nice zesty amazing, taste, stirring the juice Mmm got that kick in them a vibrant taste, now exciting power when you come to serve it, be generous with that coconut broth tilt the pan.

Yes, good couple of ladles of the broth in mmm meatballs, and that is a very delicious way of eating a old-fashioned meatball and bringing it into the 21st century and they’re just as good to cook, from frozen as well. Take a sip anything of shortcrust pastry, it’s sort of semi flaky, but it’s rich buttery start by sitting 200 grams of plain flour into a mixing bowl large pinch of salt 200 grams of unsalted butter clean the bus up to room temperature. If you let the butter become too soft in the flour, so it doesn’t absorb it in with your fingers rub together. First now the secret is grab big handfuls and squeeze the butter into the flour.

Syllables happened literally in 30 seconds. I’Ve got that nice crumbly texture. Now, couple of tablespoons of water, nothing worse when the pastry is so wet, we can’t bring it together needs to shape like a nice rich cookie. Dough is just a touch too dry, so one more tablespoon of water, [, Music, ] yeah, it’s coming nicely! Now! That’S what I want a nice sort of firm ball pastry onto the board.

I’M gon na use these when the strongest parts of the body pull towards you and push back down, use those wrists to really need it together. So, just that nice sort of smooth texture now wrap it in cling. Film set that in the fridge, twenty minutes really important that you let the shortcrust pastry relaxed now to make the quiche you can use just an ordinary flan dish. But I love making them in mini frying pans, which give another an extra rustic charm brush with oil.

To stop the pastry from sticking once the pastries at room temperature roll it out to a nice even thickness place it in the center of your little pan turn it in don’t use your fingers, because what we don’t want any holes in this just get a little Bit of dough cause that sort of acts like a little sort of mallet strands it out nicely, I’m building a sort of extra lip, because that way I can get a filling and there’s absolute maximum levels when I cook them blind, first design baked simply means to Precook, your pastry before adding the filling this ensures you’ll have a fantastic crisp pastry at a sheet of foil or baking paper and weigh it down.

If you use rice pulses or ceramic baking stones just make sure you keep them for the next time and feel them 200 degrees for 10 minutes now for the filling under a classic, quiche bacon and leeks. This is a amazing cured. Pancetta is the detergent cured meat made from belly. Pork seasoned with things like juniper nutmeg fennel, a great substitute, is unsmoked bacon, as ivan chatter gets lovely and crispy finely sliced leeks and add well leeks and bacon.

Nice really important to cook those leeks down once those leeks almost sort of camel eyes, slightly crispy the flavors amazing and just drain them off. So any excess fat get strange, the tablespoons of cream. It gives it really nice of richness. I want two-thirds garnish, ie bacon and leeks in my case, and one-third of the savory custard touch of salt touch, a pepper, migrate, sangria cheese that makes a really nice sort of creamy less of an eggy quiche. Take my amazing crispy pancetta and leeks in hmm.

Give her a good net these one more little thing, some freshness flat, leaf, parsley, incredible, really important! Just to taste the mixture with the quiche filling ready next finish off the pastry, remove the Fallen Waits and return to the oven to get it lovely and golden all. Over now when we fill them, give that a really good mix up, beautiful great over some more cheese which will bubble up and melt beautifully and then into the oven, make your case for 15 to 20 minutes.

Incredible! There’s got that nice sort of cheese on toast mouth on the top. It’S sort of bait the secret of any good quiche is in the short crust, because that’s the hero, [ Music ], really important, put the water on first, so you can just have it gently simmering away ready for the pasta while the water comes to the boil. Start the sauce by slicing mushrooms, first off fingers, one in front two behind up and down then add olive oil to a hot frying pan.

I want that nice color on the mushrooms off the heat, listen ten seconds and when you toss something really important, you get all the ingredients, the end of the pan, push down and pull back and that. Nor is this. That’S all water coming out of the mushrooms! Next finely chop a flat clove of garlic, then prepare your leeks just take your knife and go down through the center turn it over and again into quarters, see all that opening up and then just rinse, the top of that get rid of any potential dirt or Sand it just breaks up into nice. Little courses add all that leek, those mushrooms, beautiful and now the secret is to get rid of the water inside the leak as it cooks down all the water’s gon na need to set about really nice intense flavour.

Garlis got nice and crispy now we’re gon na add a touch of chicken stock in there. Asagna sheets drop the sheets in to the water lasagna sheets are an unusual choice for a dish like this, but they work brilliantly, although any type of pasta you’ve got in the cupboard will. Do I just twist that pan that stops any pasta actually sticking to the bottom, the pan chicken start the reduce down by half and it’s almost a glaze, the bottom, the pan, basically washed. All that wonderful, flavor off turn the gas down and add a couple of tablespoons of cream. This just enriches the dish, bring it back over the ball and let it simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. Now the secret of the pasta is just taking it out. A little early, so you got that nice texture hold up the sheet and just nip it, and you can feel your fingers in the center.

It’s ready turn the sauce down and lay these beautiful sheets on the Sagna into that sauce. Just going to turn the gas off now and let the pasta sit in there and absorb that amazing sauce finish with chopped fresh tarragon, so delicious herb. He goes brilliant new world, mushrooms and leeks. Let that sit almost sort of infuse to serve. I’M making a quick bruschetta by toasting fresh ciabatta, bread to nice, slices drizzle that in oliver a bit of garlic, just rub the bread, the crust as well crust. This is what really takes that garlic now pan for the bread, a touch of olive oil as it starts to smoke red in, but look at the pasta. Now it’s been stained by that amazing sauce to serve or a nice spoon at my mushrooms, leeks and cream. Then I take my pasta just twist it and let it sit on top that tarragon has just lifted everything bread on and that’s the beauty about something so simple. They can be done in 20 minutes with everyday ingredients, a stunning pasta, dish

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