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Grilling Recipes Ideas – Today we are going to use the oven to make potato bombs Easy to do. I got some potatoes for baking.

These are burbank potatoes. This variety is perfect for making potato bombs. What you need to make this recipe are potatoes for baking like these burbank, potatoes Or other high-quality, baked potatoes. I also brought an apple corer.

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Grilling Recipes Ideas

The next step is to dig out the core of the Burbank potato Very simple twist, Just pull it out, like this Simple I’ll drill, a few more to show you how to do it. This potato bomb is great as a side dish More than enough for dinner. I’Ll know when I’m done Good twist Push the core out.

I want to remind you that next time you have a family picnic in the barbecue base Or make a few more potato bombs when grilling meat at the tailgate, Because Man, they are very popular Good potatoes – have been cored, I’m going to fill in something next.

This is an introductory tutorial for the potato bomb, So we got a whole plate of stuffing To show you what you can do. We got turkey slices and prosciutto. I made some corned beef, Some hot dogs made some hot dog sausages And some Italian meatballs and sausages. There is luncheon meat yeah, there must be luncheon meat.

Potato Bombs recipe | Grilling Recipes Ideas

I also made some breakfast sausages, Its good in the morning and cooked bacon And some roast beef with cooked salami. I got some sweet butter from country ham. I got some habanero cheese, A little green onion and a little sweet onion.

I also have some blue cheese. Oh yeah choose the cheese you like And cheddar cheese. Is this And some smoked sausages, Some chopped garlic, some barbecue sauce? Oh yeah. We also got some bacon

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We used pork belly bacon Bacon will be used when making potato bombs later. Okay, now Ill show you how to stuff potatoes To make some potato bombs. First, take a piece of meat And some cheddar cheese, Wrap the cheddar cheese with your favorite meat Or use any other meat. Like I said, I will show you a few demos.

You can do as you like, Yeah stuff, the meat and cheese in Yeah. Put some onions. A little garlic Then insert the potato core to the other end like this. This is the basic version of the potato bomb. Do a few more next We’re going to speed it up.

Put the core in Then start stuffing things you like Habanero cheese, Some onions, Some more minced garlic, Put some sweet butter. You know what we are going to do Next, take a bacon and put it on a bomb Wrap it up. In the end, the bacon will become crispy and crisp with the skin of the potato Quite delicious. I already showed you how to do it.

Nothing else to say, Then you can relax. Watch us make a bunch of potato bombs. All the potato bombs have been wrapped in aluminum, foil Put it on the oven, Then set the oven temperature to 375-400F ( 190-204C ). It only takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes Halfway through baking Flip the potatoes so that it heats evenly Okay bake for another half an hour to 45 minutes. Good magical flashes.

These American tyrants, BBQ, potato bombs are ready, Can be taken off the oven. Look at the bacon and potato skins are crispy and crispy. Oh baby. Next time you want to eat a potato bomb, Go to the local American BBQ barbecue base near you,

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