Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget

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Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget – So today we have a meal prep blog. It’S super easy super, simple and super affordable. It’S only gon na take maybe an hour at most two hours if you’re slow for a breakfast, it’s only gon na cost around like I have no idea, but it’s probably like 20 cents per serving it was so cheap.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget

So I didn’t bother calculating it, but it was around like three to four dollars for a massive amount of servings, so you can have it for breakfast and also for snacks, and for lunch is about two dollars per serving. It is really tasty and nutritious, really really healthy and for dinner, it’s less than $2 per serving, so it’s really affordable as well, and I believe that the prettiest in America is even cheaper, so you can get it down even lower in the UK in the Us so this meal part is great if you’re on a budget, but of course, if you’re hungry in between meals have some snacks, um have your breakfast or snacks or nuts, a snacks or what’s great for snacks like fruits like banana banana, is really affordable in Australia.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget

Berries are in season in Australia right now, but I think figs are in season in Europe right now so bloody hell. I love beings, so I’m gon na stop talking right now and let’s just see what I’ve got for you guys. So here’s all the ingredients we need for our breakfast recipe. We also need some maple syrup, but you can also use honey as well just mix all the ingredients together.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget – It really really doesn’t matter just add in a coconut oil which is optional, you can add more peanut butter instead peanut butter, almond milk and mix them all together. So, as always as that measurements are in the description box. Also to sweeten it up, you can add three tablespoons of maple syrup or more, if you want it sweeter at Oh, a bit of cinnamon salt, half a teaspoon of baking powder and mix it well. So now pour it into a square tin, which I obviously didn’t have because I couldn’t find it, but apparently it’s gone, so I had to make a little bit more just to fit into this.

This tray this tin. I don’t know what you call it, but yeah now you can add some Jam. I’Ve added quite a lot and this Jam doesn’t contain any refined sugar. So it’s better, then preheat the oven for 180 degree Celsius and then chuck it in the oven for 30 minutes.

So that’s it! This is great for breakfast snacks and whatever you want to do with it, it is only about $ 4 for all of these for Australian dollars, so I think that’s really really affordable. Of course you can find cheaper alternatives for this ingredients as well. I was just using what I had in the pantry, so you can refrigerate it for a couple of days and warm up just before you want to eat it or you can have a cold, which is how I like it. So for lunch. We are going to make this amazing tuna, salad, it tastes so good.

This is going to be $ 2 per serving and it is super nutritious as well so yeah. I gave my friend some things because I was leaving the country and he legit thought that there’s two servings on each of this job, because this is a 1 litre jaw. So it is quite a big one.

So if this is too much for you, then just reduce the amount of vegetables. So first since this is called a tuna salad, you’re gon na need a can of tuna. It is going to be around three to four dollars, depending on the brands. You can also use this little ones, which is always really cheap in Australia, because they are always on special. So if you can’t be part of making a tuna then buy these, but it is definitely gon na increase your budget.

We need some salad leaves the free, capsicum or bell peppers. I think that’s how most of you guys collared some Tomatoes, and this is dependent on your budget. I also really recommend to try some tomorrow’s, because this is the key to the salad it makes so tasty. We need a can of chickpeas. This is optional, you can use any sort of beans or you can just skip it. Some carrots next we’re going to need some salt, pepper, paprika and also some olive oil for the tuna bit mix all the ingredients together.

I just eyeball it because this is based on you know your personal preference now chop up all the ingredients and stuff it in the jar. Now I’m going to start with some chickpeas, then some capsicum carrots, tomatoes, salad, leaves and tuna just layer them and honestly, I don’t do this normally, because that takes a lot of time.

I just made it look pretty for the video in the photos so that it looks more. You know, presentable, okay, but seriously. You can just chuck it all into the jar and top it off with some tuna. So now for some dressing you can use lemon juice and olive oil as a dressing, but because I’ve added some sun-dried tomato, it was really really tasty and the tuna was really tasty as well. So I didn’t think I need any more so in terms of storing.

I normally like to store in the fridge for only up to three days at most up to three days, because Salas normally tastes funny after like two days so yeah I normally wouldn’t make so many in one go so maybe make them twice a week for freshness. So for dinner we are going to have some chicken and it is so easy to make this chicken recipe.

All we need are the ingredients here, the chicken thighs around $ 8, but killer. You only need around 800 grams to a cure if you want more chicken. So obviously, the cost of the chicken and vegetables are quite dependent on where you’re from and in my opinion, Australian foods are pretty expensive and yeah brown, rice and everything else are barely anything is probably going to be totaling $ 3 for all.

So this is going to add up to around ten dollars for five meals, so around $ 2 for each meal, so that’s super, affordable or Australians than this anyway. First cook, a cup of brown rice, just follow the instructions on the package. It’S really really simple. Cut up chicken thighs into big pieces or small pieces, it’s personal preference, then we are going to start cooking.

You can exclude onions and garlic’s if you are allergic to them, but we are going to cook those first and add some paprika cayenne. Pepper then add a chicken thigh, some Oregon, I salt and pepper or after you brown, the chicken, add a can of tomatoes.

So this is gon na turn, quite liquidy because of the chicken and also the tomatoes, so you’re gon na need 30 minutes for it to thicken up so, while you’re waiting for that cook, some broccoli in hot water, and once that’s done, you can put everything together. It’S really really simple, so yeah, I really like the color of this meal again. This is super, affordable, healthy and really really tasty. So to store them.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss On a Budget – You can store them in the freezer or just in the fridge. I normally like to store too in the freezer, because I don’t think that tastes that great after three days so three in the bottom of the fridge and two in the freezer.

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