MEAL PREP FOR FAT LOSS | 3 Quick & High Protein Recipes for the Week!

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Today I wanted to bring you along with me. While i do my meal prep for fat loss the week, it’s going to be nice and easy.

I’M going to do three recipes, one with mince another with chicken and then my lunches lately have been with tuna, but of course you can substitute anything.

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I do for something else, so you can do the vegan options or the vegan version or whatever i’m using so yeah.


I think these recipes are pretty versatile and adaptable to your needs in terms of time. It literally takes around 10 minutes to prep the ingredients, and then the mince recipe is just a matter of putting the ingredients in the pot in a certain order and then leave it to simmer for, however long you like, depending on how much flavor you want to Add then, the chicken is literally the amount of time of cooking it in the oven, which is around 30 minutes.

So at the same time of that, i will do as well the veggies and the rice and then for the tuna salad. It’S literally just the amount of time to cook the pasta.

So, as you will see, this is a really really really quick prep for the mince and the chicken is gon na do around six portions, which is perfect for around yeah three days for a couple or almost the whole week for a person.

If you don’t like to leave the food in the fridge for too long, you can absolutely put it in a tupperware that can be freezed, and then you can put it in the microwave and you know store it for longer. So yeah it’s going to be pretty pretty easy.


I think we’re going to be done me personally in an hour. Obviously it’s going to be speed up for you, but yeah. It’S going to be really quick. So if you like these recipes, if you try them at home, then please, let me know if you have any other ingredients you would like to use or maybe alternative ways to cook these type of meats or maybe having a more fishy meals.

Then please let me know so i will do another video about it. So yeah, if you like it, then please don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe and without further ado. Let’S get cooking now for the easy pot chili you’re just going to need a large onion, some garlic, one or two bell peppers, then you’re going to have obviously around 750 grams of mince.

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I personally like to use a five percent fat mince just to keep yeah the fat macronutrients a little bit down as well. In terms of the spices, i like to add two teaspoons of cumin, two teaspoons of paprika, two teaspoons of mild chili powder, one teaspoon of dried marjoram. I think it’s pronounced, i’m not really sure, then, as well a can of red kidney beans.

I personally like to use the one that is already in the chili sauce, just to add a little bit of flavor, but it really doesn’t matter. I’Ve done it with the normal kidney beans and it’s completely fine one or two cans of chopped tomatoes and as well, really funny.

But i i saw a recipe where it added a teaspoon of sugar and to be fair, it didn’t make a difference. So i do that and then to serve, i like to do a little bit of lime and cilantro and then obviously i can eat it with some steamed veg or with some rice or both or whatever.

I have with me. So i like to divide the chili in six portions and each portion is around 340 calories with 33 grams of protein 24 grams of carbs and 11.5 grams of fat, and obviously you have to then add whether you’re eating it with rice or veggies or whatever else.

You adding it to so in terms of the chicken. What i like to do is first marinate it with some spices and a little bit of yogurt just to keep the chicken from drying out. So literally, what i’ve been using is dried, oregano, dried onion powder, garlic, paprika, and then i also like to use a little bit of salt and pepper, and then i will add some yogurt and i’ll make sure to massage the chicken throughout it’s a little bit disgusting.

I don’t have any gloves with me today, but yeah, just massage the sauces throughout and just stick it in the oven for around 25 minutes at 200 degrees and then in the meantime, that the chicken cooks i like to boil my rice, obviously to according to the Direction of the package and around half time from the rice being cooked, i like to add some veggies, which could be broccoli.

Broccoli stems zucchini, whatever you have with you, and i just like to put it together with the rice so that they can finish cooking together and sort of the vitamins and the flavors just get mixed up together for the chicken. I don’t have more tupperware, so i’m just gon na put it in one big tupperware, but i usually eat around one chicken breast a day, especially my partner.

So, yes, i just put it on in one big tupperware and then we just heat it up as we go, although i don’t usually cook the rice for over three days. So here i just did three portions and then, whenever we need more, i just cook more.

For the tuna pasta, it’s literally a matter of boiling the pasta, so i like to use the high protein penne from tesco just because yeah it’s an extra source of protein and they’re really good, and they seem to have good macros for me personally. So i like to use that and then it’s literally just a matter of assembling the things for the salad.

So first thing i like to use some mixed leaf. Salad, sometimes i add some spinach. I also like some sweet corn onion, some balsamic vinegar. I can add some cherry tomatoes, even though i don’t have them today and then i also like to add some chili flakes olive oil, salt and pepper. And, of course, you can change the tuna for the chicken that i just cooked with you or some prawns or whatever else you like eating some eggs.

It doesn’t matter and just eat it up. So this is it for me, these are my three go-to meals. When i meal prep as you’ve seen, is really quick and easy. If you do everything together, all at once, it shouldn’t take more than an hour which, in my opinion, is really good, especially because this is six days worth of food, but because we’re two, then it’s three days but yeah.

This is around 18 portions of food that you’ve seen in this video. So i think it’s really good for one hour of work. It literally doesn’t take anymore and then every single day we can just heat it up, be on the go, bring it with us wherever we go and it makes our life so much easier.

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