Meal Planning Ideas & FREE Family Meal Plan!

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Today we’re talking all about meal planning ideas and delicious recipe ideas that you can make for dinner this week

Meal Planning Ideas

Meal Planning Ideas & FREE Family Meal Plan

I’m here with a new recipe every single week in the description box I also have a link to a free meal plan yes an entire week of lunches and dinners that you can use right away along with the recipes you’ll also get a done-for-you shopping list too and a meal prep sheet for the week

FREE Family Meal Plan!

If you’re new to meal planning something that I found helpful is to plan a 2 to 3 basic of recipes that includes a protein and veggies and you can also double them and use the leftovers for other remaining dinners throughout the week

Most people think that they need to plan for 7 new recipes but this only leads to recipe overwhelm I recommend that you start slow and most importantly keep it simple for example when I make sheet pan dinners like the Dijon chicken I usually bake extra chicken for things like brie DuBose or to toss on top of a salad for dinner or lunch another day

The extra veggies are great for topping power bowls serving along with rice and other veggies even a fried egg on the side and another day this way what you’re trying to do is use the same ingredients in a variety of ways and you cut down on the time that you’re gonna spend cooking

Meal Planning Ideas

If you want to get into a better meal prep flow make sure you grab a free week of our classic meal plan it has lunch and dinner covered Monday through Friday in a simple and organized way that you’re just gonna love

Now Let’s take a look at the kind of recipes that you’re gonna find inside the meal plans because you know visuals like many of the recipes inside of the meal plan this spinach and tomato tortellini skillet is a meal that you can whip up in about 20 your favorite cheese tortellini or pasta with canned tomatoes and spinach in a light sauce it’s both delicious and satisfying and most importantly the entire family is gonna love it

Now every week I include a slow cooker recipe like these slow cooker buffalo chicken tacos that you can make once and it will yield a couple of dinners or extras for lunch on another day

Meal planning is all about giving your food purpose so nothing goes to waste and at the same time you get to eat delicious meals the buffalo chicken we just made for taco night gets reinvented into buffalo chicken loaded sweet potatoes for example now it’s the perfect combination of tangy spicy smoky and savory flavors over a rich stuffed baked potato hearty soups like the taco soup is another 30 minute meal made with your favorite ingredients that recipe is particularly simple because if you can open a few cans and stir stuff you can make the soup

Oh joking aside it’s a foolproof recipe that’s a crowd pleaser and leftovers tastes even better the next day

Inside the weekly plans you’re also going to find all my tips and tricks that I often mention in my videos like something that I do when making this soup in particular is to brown an extra pound of beef with the taco seasoning and reserve half of it for another taco night or making beef burrito bowls or lunches now this way all you need to do is pair on the toppings like waka mola sour cream on trees and the main ingredient in the meal can be repurposed and it’s one less meal that you have to think about making obviously the meal plans are going to include a variety of ingredients and healthier versions of our favorite takeout foods like shrimp fried rice this version uses cauliflower rice to add an extra serving of veggies to the meal while keeping it healthy for every one and a lower carb for us adults now if that’s something that matches your eating style so so good now that you have an idea of how I group recipes and transform one main meal into another meal in my family meal plans

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