MASSIVE Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

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So today I have a lot of meal prep ideas for weight loss for you. I have over 20 meals I think. I don’t know how much I have.

I can’t put them all on the table is insane Today I have to go through a group of products and let’s start with our ingredients first. Yes, most of my ingredients are from my pantry I think.

I don’t know how much I have. I can’t put them all on the table is insane Today I have to go through a group of products and let’s start with our ingredients first.

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

Yes, most of my ingredients are from my pantry So today’s video is sponsored by iHerb so as you know, I have been buying at iHerb for a long time because I use their ingredients in my videos, Well yes, I like to buy there just because there are a lot of organic and natural ingredients it’s like really little sugar, as today no sugar is added to all the ingredients and a little sodium it’s very good.

So yeah, what’s a little cheaper than here in Australia? Well yes So I’m going to go through some of my ingredients. So this is a brand of protein I have been using Manitoba Havas for some time So I used to sow my own source of protein and that, and here I got some snacks Snack snack snack all really very tasty Especially this season.

I am obsessed with some herbs and spices. I usually only used organic herbs. I’m some stevia You know I love this brand of fish and oysters so much Here I have oysters in Sabine and salmon and here are all the snacks.

I would love to have I thought a little seed and I don’t see it Oh my God, I’m obsessed and oh, sorry, some sauces know how much I love my coconut amino acids I use this as my gluten free sauce and seaweed juice here with sesame seeds It was so good.


I have been using them as consistently for the last few months. Yes, these are almost all of my dry ingredients so I know some of you are not from Australia or America and they often ask me where I got everything from organic and natural ingredients be sure to check out ours Because they are shipped to over one hundred and fifty countries and normally receive my products within a few days So it’s really really fast.

Well yes, I put all the ingredient items in the description box So check it out Check the price check the stat pretty sure you like it, and these are all the ingredients I used it very regularly so I have to go through the group today. I think I got over 20 recipes So let’s just jump straight into it.

Let’s start with the tomato base. I use about 4 to 5. Cancel Heat them in a pan tomorrow and add the garlic powder and onion powder and a little salt or you can use fresh onions or garlic and if you do not use onions You can then use stevia for sweetening until the sauce thickens and this tomato base will be used in a few Today, even when the sauce thickens, the recipes are divided into two or three bowls Chop some capsules or peppers for the next meal of beef fajit after you finish heat the pan with the coconut oil 500 grams of ground beef after the beef is brown throw in the chopped vegetables and cook it for a few minutes, then Use the classic, but he has it in the sauce.

I have a plant It comes from a brand called simply organics and they are all organic and natural ingredients So definitely check it out If you want a good sauce I use two packs and let it simmer gently for a few minutes so the sauce is poured into the meat and vegetables And we’re done. Thank you.

We make our first plant-based dish and open two cans of beans that I use for this bean These are five types of beans for which you can use flat beans – but it will take you much longer Now cook this a little more and it’s time to add some spices I added some Chipotle powder or some other spice, some smoked pepper to the cumin And I got these ingredients from iron, then a little capsule and basil and cooked it for a few minutes.

That’s it So simple, I will prepare a chicken dish heat coconut oil and throw in about 500 grams of chicken thighs You can add fresh onion or garlic stew or a powdered version to a lot of powdered ginger But I didn’t because I can’t stand it.

So right next I added it to some tamari sauce I use this Eden brand because it is gluten free and organic. A few coconut dashes follow. amino acids This is optional because it adds a little sweetness to your chicken, so you can turn it off if you just want to keep it.

Cook until the sauce thickens into your dark brown sauce. And after it thickened I added this Eden shake It’s just sesame seeds with sea vegetable spice You can also add C with G if you don’t have them, I’ll finally supplement the dish with some seaweed commercials Which is basically sea vegetables and sesame, and this gives the dish a lot more flavor Now it’s time to prepare the vegetables I use for a variety of dishes and our sweet potatoes with lots of carrots Zucchinis capsicum chop them all, sprinkle with oil and a little salt and put in the oven to bake You can also cook other vegetables if you want to love seeing what beats broccoli from kale and anything you like Next I will prepare a dish with tofu on 1 carrot 2 zucchini, and capicum cut them into all cubes And we’ll start cooking the carrots with a little water to soften them first Then they try some soft capsules, and then a few minutes later zucchini, when the vegetables look almost cooked we will join the tofu and I like to smear them with my hands like this so that the tofu absorbs the sauce Slightly better.

Alright Now we will add more soy sauce, turmeric, a little ginger Garlic if you want, and also some amino-coconut if you want a little sweetness and when the tofu is done I water it with another shake and eat with tofu it’s easy to do Now we cook 1 cup of quinoa. And this is a quinoa brand. I use toasted. So that’s a lot more Fragrant and separate.

I cook 1 cup of brown rice and also a cup of black rice This black rice is a power cooked rice, and has a lower glycemia Index your blood sugar so fast in one race, so it’s really great to get into starchy carbs Without extra blood sugar, we will make a recipe for a breakfast meal the next day Start with banana puree, and you can use an apple instead if you want to add a little almond milk Well a little vanilla cinnamon extract powder and stir it in and now I can’t add any favorite sweeteners I use stevia, and now I’m going to add a cup of oats here, a little hemp roe if you don’t have ham Hut is all right, I really like hemp heart because it’s high in You can also add protein and healthy fats to some shallots, but this is now optional I’ll just stir and put in the fridge and that’s next We will make a little pudding in the chassis another really great and easy recipe for breakfast We need a quality cup of chia seeds, a cup of almonds with cinnamon milk Some funny extract and stevia and mix everything that is important to join.

That’s it So simple, and you can get it the next day I will prepare sweet sliced ​​potatoes like this You can also cut them to the size of chips if you want to sprinkle it with a little oil and season with salt bake in the oven on the eye 150 degrees And while you’re waiting for that, you can mix one avocado with a little lemon, salt and pepper and it’s already about once Potatoes are made, cover it with some Spinach, a little avocado and a little capsule or canned fish and this is your sweet avocado for breakfast The toast is gluten free.

It can also be plant-based Well yeah, it’s really delicious, I really recommend you try it next time. I’ll prepare some fish I have some studios and salmon I put them all on a baking sheet and we will adjust the settings with some spices I use some basil Chipotle and also smoked peppers on the settings and for salmon I will add the ginger and seaweed spices I got from the iron I have been using this spice for a lot of my dishes since last year It’s just a great way to just put my iodine in the oven 150 degrees Celsius at 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes and that’s it.

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Easy. Following. We break a little tempeh I got the soy flavor of the soy and also the chili flavor I cut them into cubes and season with a little oil and salt and sprinkle in the oven and that’s it Just bake it for about 10 to 15 minutes at about 150 degrees Celsius. And now prepare the zucchini and carrot needles I love them so much because they are so healthy and so delicious now If you do not have a spiral, you can use a shredder or cleaning device, or if you do not have time, you can simply use ready-made devices Cut them out of the store.

They are absolutely fine And the last meal I’m going to cook today is a breakfast meal that’s a moister of eggs But you can also add a little avocado oil to your snack and cook three beaten eggs over low heat Turn over a few canned oysters, and I have these natural oysters add them to your egg mixture after it is half cooked, and after it is almost cooked add a little spinach and take it out into slices Arrange and cut into smaller meals, and it is now ready to eat on the last step I’m sure you won’t follow each of these new ideas But I hope this will give you some ideas on how to mix and match Just make sure you have a little carbs, some vegetables and some protein, then sprinkle everything into separate bowls I usually eat the preparations for about two to three days because I love my food fresh It is best not to eat food that has been kept in the refrigerator for too long You can also make your own mix of fruits and nuts.

I have a few goyim here Give me some cocoa some golden berries Some pumpkin seeds or some sunflower seeds. I cook our chips and this is made from iron Hm Here’s my mix of nuts, so this nut nut from flour and nut almonds. Oh, and these are great for a snack so pumpkin seeds Eden Pistachios are all low in sodium and this one is really good.

No salt is added. These are just Mel berries and nuts I really like this brand I definitely recommend you check on the iron So I have all the ideas for small meals. It’s pretty crazy. Let’s start with my main dining area So here we have bean tempeh and B treats. So here’s another meal with beans So I got some cauliflower beans, and also the quinoa this toasted quinoa is super fragrant It’s a little different.

I added some salt to it. Well that’s right delicious guys So let’s go for another plant-based dish. This is my tofu with rice and vegetables So I have two types of rice here. This is the power of cooked rice, and this is brown rice Papa rice is much lower in the glycemic index So if you’re looking, you know in your blood sugar, but you still have some parts. It’s really great to have rice cooked rice

So here’s another plan-based dish all roasted vegetables You can use all your favorite vegetables, as if you don’t have to use why it’s easier to set quinoa, but also a little tempeh Very tasty because this variety is here So if you get bored very easily. What you can do is use a lot of different vegetables So the mind does not stick to taste.

You know, I am that mother-in-law dish too So, this is tomorrow based on some capsic sighs, just add a little more flavor And also a few zucchini and zucchini pastas So the first fish meal I have here is juice, so I have pool tomatoes again, and some Sabine Carrot and zucchini noodles and some beetroot beetroot treats. This is definitely one of my favorite dishes because I love studies If you don’t have my settings, you can use some shrimp or some Salmon, or even beef like you, you can use anything.

Well that’s good another fish dish This is one of my most interesting dishes because it’s so easy to make Like brown rice black rice can cook black rice, some salmon and some vegetables You can also fry them in fried rice, which is super delicious We’re going through another fish dish here. We have carrots.

There are a lot of carrots This is so sweet because there like yellow carrots pasterps the usual orange carrots and pop carrots sweet potatoes and zucchini, and also some Salmon, so if you don’t have access to fresh salmon You can always buy a can while the salmon caught is very important.

Well caught and next. We are going through a big meal So I got some beef here, which is a super tasty simply organic sauce. Oh my God. It was so good I ended up saving the baby and we got some black beans because that means being So good along with a little capicum and another beef dish. So I got carrot noodles and some Cauliflower, so you can easily mix them. Next I have chicken This is soy chicken with sunrise, and also capsicum which is very easy to re-produce.

Like it only took me 10 minutes Seriously guys, I’m all about simple dishes So these are most of my main dishes, and some of them are in the kitchen because I couldn’t fit them here and so we go during breakfast because Oh, honey, this potato avocado toast with soup is so wonderfully amazing So instead of normal bread I use sweet baked potatoes Some spinach avocado and some salmon, and another breakfast idea ready for an omelet or oyster on Friday Yes, and really tasty.

It’s so easy to do like everyone literally what I have It’s so easy to make ok and my god, this is one of my favorites for opening night oats so I messed up the banana here, which it really does Delicious, you can add a little of your favorite sweetener if you want to love honey or maple syrup, and I got the pudding from the chassis Here and yes, these are my breakfast,

if you want, you can also get chestnuts for breakfast, but this is for my snacks So I have about seven ideas for a seven to eight snack, so you can go if I’m lying on Mars because yes It is easy for a snack or a little pepper You can’t be very cute Some mix berries as well, so I got dried berries, but also some coconut chips, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds some walnuts mix some berries or some banana if you want edamame and Seaweed.

So these are from the brand’s seafood snacks the ones I’m showing you, all yours. Do I have it here? Oh my God, this is definitely my favorite seaweed brand that sells deliciously Mmm and if you can’t be bored make your own snacks because you just don’t have the time to try them Eddins pumpkin seeds or pistachio seeds stop both low in sodium.

So they are really very good And my favorite is definitely this mix because it doesn’t contain salt and sugar. And it is very tasty The taste is very fresh, which is why I really liked it. So that’s the thought I said Hey, I hope this gives you some ideas of what to do. They are all really very simple It’s just a bunch of ingredients you can make separately.

You don’t have to earn that much in one go I just give you as many ideas as possible Now you can make just a couple of sardines and a few cards, and you can customize them as well So it’s really simple All you need are cops, some vegetables and some protein, and you know that yourself using some sauces or just some spicy salt peppers and Hertz, they usually spice things up because they are Yes,

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