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Low Carb Keto Meal Prep for Weight Loss – It is the new year which means you’re trying to get back on our swing.

If you enjoyed the holidays like me, it you want to get back with a bang, so I have a Mill prep for you guys, that is, it is a little bit more time-consuming, but they are great meals that feed an army.

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Now, if you guys do like milk prep videos, let me know by giving me a thumbs up and commenting the other meals that you want me to try to put in my mail prep, all right, let’s go ahead and get into it.

Low Carb Keto Meal Prep for Weight Loss

This first recipe is zucchini. I added jalapenos, and it was definitely a great addition to this. I also did a double batch. This was so I could store half of them in the freezer which it froze beautifully. I just reheated them in the skillet, with a little bit of avocado oil. The next smell is the chicken thighs with a feta spinach cream sauce.

Honestly, I just made the sauce up and it turned out amazing, so I had to share it with you guys. I just have some boneless skinless chicken breasts that I washed and seasoned with some salt and pepper. The sauce is super easy. I literally just made it up on the spot. It’S about a tablespoon of butter with a little bit of garlic and a whole bag of spinach.

I let the spinach wilt in the butter for about a minute or two, and then I added some cream. I used about 1/4 of a cup. I added the drippings of the chicken. You can also use about a cup of chicken broth if you decide to make this sauce spit out the chicken and then I just kind of added some cheeses that I had on hand.

I about 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese, a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and the star of the show betta actually forgot to put it in the actual sauce. So I ended up just breaking up about a half of a block of the feta cheese and mixed it all around.

Low Carb Keto Meal Prep for Weight Loss

You can totally make this super easy on yourself and just add the feta cheese in with the cream sauce. While it’s simmering – and I highly advise that – but you know it, this way works just as fine and it tastes it just as good. I placed this in the oven for probably thirty minutes at 375, give or take the chickens already fully cooked at this point, you’re.

Basically, just warming up the sauce, and I have that with a side of cauliflower rice. I’Ve been obsessed with cauliflower rice lately because I do like having a lot of bulk. So that way, I feel fuller for longer and cauliflower rice does that I’m using about one to two tablespoons of avocado oil? You can honestly use any oil that you have, but I love avocado oil, as you know, and I’m seizing this with a little bit of salt and pepper since the chicken does have a great sauce.

You really don’t need too much seasoning to the cauliflower rice, but as always, you can use whatever seasonings that you have on hand and fit it to your taste buds. This cauliflower rice took no time to cook. I had it on 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. I stirred it after seven minutes and then I kept an eye on it for the next couple of minutes until it just slightly toasted now guys. This honestly took me like a day and a half to film, because I ended up filming all the way up into when I had work.

So I had to put everything in the fridge, so I’m actually plating the chicken it’s been in the fridge and I think it was easier. You know portioning out the sauce and stuff, so I’m not even mad. I actually ended up having this for a lunch, so this actually made five servings, but I only showed four now you want to make sure that you let cool before you put them back to the fridge next.

This one honestly has been in my head for a while, so I’ll have to Annette. Finally, it’s showing you guys it is a low-carb lasagna, what we’re placing what the pasta is zucchini and a lot of people actually use like a mandolin to slice it very thin. I actually don’t have it so I decided to grate it as if I was going to be making zucchini tots actually preferred doing it this way, because it took out a lot more water than just slicing it thin with the mandolin.

I’M just adding salt to draw out the moisture. I do want to note that I used four zucchinis for this and I feel like it was honestly way too much. I think three would have definitely been more than enough and this fed an army. It was good for a beep, seven or eight servings, and I ended up portioning out about five servings for my meal plan, and then I gave some to my sister and we still had leftovers.

It was like never ending, so this is perfect. If you have a family that you want to feed and if they’re not Quito, they can easily have this with a side of garlic, bread and a side salad. This original meat sauce recipe was from food wishes. I will leave their link down below, but I did a little bit of altercation just so that way it could be a little lower in carbs I omitted the wine as well as the milk that they used and replaced the milk with heavy whipping cream. Now this meat sauce actually makes double what you would need for this recipe, so I usually just make a huge batch and then freeze half of it. Having this meat sauce in the freezer.

Honestly is a lifesaver, because it’s a quick meal that you don’t have to worry about. Cooking, I’m just adding my seasonings of choice. I like to season in stages, so I usually do it want to have all the veggies sauteing and then I do it again. Once I add all the ingredients you, I just have some lean ground beef and some hot Italian sausage.

You want to make sure you break up the meat as small as you can just that way. It can simmer and just melt in your mouth, you I’m adding tomato paste. I used to add a full can of this tomato paste, but since it’s a little bit higher in carb, I opted for only a couple of tablespoons. I ended up doing three tablespoons here.

You only see two and then I realized that I needed a little more to get the kind of color that I wanted on the meat you. I know this seems strange, but adding a little bit of heavy whipping cream just adds a little bit more velvety luxurious to the sauce. I don’t know how how else to explain it, but if you go to food wishes recipe, he does a really great way of explaining it and has some great tips on making meat sauces.

So I highly advise I’ve been making his meat sauce for the past four or five years. Now I just have a can of tomatoes. This is unsalted. So definitely make sure you add some seasoning if you get the unsalted version, I’m just mixing this all in so everything can get combined and then you want to add a full can of water. Now this is going to be a meat sauce that simmers for hours. If you don’t have time for it to simmer for hours, then I would only put in half the amount of water and that would speed up the process of the cup time. This is after four hours of cooking, I’m just making the ricotta mixture for the lasagna.

I’M just making in the ricotta mixture for the lasagna I’m reserving 1/2 of a cup of the ricotta, because I’m going to be using that in a cookie recipe that you’ll see in shortly, I’m just adding one full egg and my seasoning is of choice. Please don’t buy my night we’re here in the shot. Honestly, I had to do this early in the morning and I was not having it.

I was super over it yeah. That was me, but we pushed through because I wanted to get this video out for you guys, I’m just layering all of the ingredients evenly next time. I’M not gon na add that last layer of zucchini, because I really don’t think it needed it next year, gon na take some foil and you just want to spray the top. This is so that way the cheese doesn’t stick to the top of the foil you’re gon na place this in a 400-degree oven for about 40 minutes.

After about 20 to 30 minutes, I took off the foil and continued to let it cook. I wish I would have let the cheese brown, but I was running late for work, so I kind of had to just rush and I kind of had to just rush and get these clips for you guys. I know this is gon na be hard, but I would HIGHLY advise to let this sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

I actually wasn’t able to let it sit that long, because I was on a time crunch and I had to get to work. So that’s why it was hard to put in the actual containers, but if you let it cool, it should come out pretty easily. I just paired this with a nice side, salad of romaine, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

I also decided to try keto connects cookies, I’m so sad. I didn’t end up getting another clip of the fun and finished product, but if you head over to my Instagram, I actually did snap a picture over there, so you can see how amazing they look over there. Honestly.

This is such a good replacement toward traditional cookies. It tasted amazing super soft and it reminded me of real cookies. I know I’ll definitely make sure to leave their link down below because they had built it with all ethology cookies.

Low Carb Keto Meal Prep for Weight LossSo if you guys want the treat that you won’t have to worry about going off diet head over there, they have so many recipes is amazing. Now this month, no problem is a little bit higher in dairy, but honestly, the new year. It’S going to be hard to get on, so I wanted to create delicious milk, so I know you can stick with and hopefully, if you guys do, try it.

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