KETO Carb-Cycling Meal Prep for Weight Loss

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KETO Carb-Cycling Meal Prep for Weight Loss – If you are new here, my name is Kayla and welcome. So in today’s blog, I’m gon na be sharing five days worth of meals, and it’s gon na include breakfast lunch and a snack option now for dinner.

I’M gon na do a separate video for that. Where I share some, you know 10 minute dinner recipes that you can whip up during the week really quickly. I think you’re really gon na enjoy that video as well so stay tuned for it but anyways.

KETO Carb-Cycling Meal Prep for Weight Loss

So today’s video is a part of my new healthy meal. Prep series that I started on my channel, if you haven’t seen the other meal prep videos in this series, I’ll go ahead and leave the playlist linked for y’all below. So today’s meal prep, it’s gon na, be an example of the whole carb, cycling or cyclical keto.

Eating style that I personally stick to, and so Monday and Thursday is gon na, be what I call a moderate carb day where I do include some healthy starchy. You know paleo friendly type, carbs and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. That’S gon na be my low carb days, where I eat more keto style and, of course, as you all know, I’ve shared many times.

This has been the best eating style for me to help balance my hormones and really just to maximize my energy levels. Alright, let’s get started prepping the meal for my to moderate carb days this week, I’m gon na be having a fat burning smoothie for breakfast and a taco stuff to sweet potato for lunch and then on my three low-carb keto days this week, I’ll be having a Veggie scramble with turkey, sausage for breakfast and some lemon pepper chicken legs with creamed spinach for lunch and by the way the creamed spinach is to die for okay.


So the key to getting all of this no prep done in one hour is to start with the meals that take the longest to cook. So first, I’m gon na season, two sweet potatoes with coconut oil and sea salts and then I’m gon na cook them. In my airfryer, my air fryer is set to bake and I’m gon na bake it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m just gon na cook them until they’re completely soft all the way through, and this takes about 45 to 50 minutes.

Of course, you can also do this. In your oven, next, I’m gon na season some organic chick legs with avocado oil and sea salt. Of course, you can also use coconut oil and I’m just gon na bake the chicken legs at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes now, while the potatoes and chicken are cooking, I’m gon na go ahead and prepare the beef mixture.

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That’S going to go inside my sweet potatoes, so in a skillet over medium heat, I’m gon na cook, some grass-fed ground beef and once it’s about 75 % done, I’m gon na add some chopped onion and chopped bell pepper. I’M just gon na continue to cook this.

Until the onion and bell pepper are slightly soft, then I’m gon na add some taco seasoning and mix that until it’s fully worked into the mixture and then lastly, I’m gon na add some diced tomatoes go ahead and give that one more mix we’re gon na set The beef mixture aside and start prepping, my lemon pepper seasoning for my chicken legs in a small bowl, I’m gon na, add some melted, grass-fed ghee.

Of course you can use butter as well. Some lemon zest and some fresh lemon juice go ahead and mix that up and after the chicken legs have cooked for 30 minutes. I’M gon na remove them from the oven and cook them with this lemon glaze and then I’m gon na generously, sprinkle on some black pepper, I’m gon na bake the chicken legs for another 5 to 10 minutes. Now you can also broil the legs for a few minutes.

If you want more of a crispy finish. The next thing I’m gon na prep is the creamed spinach and, let me just say this creamed spinach is so so good. So all I did was take a pack of frozen spinach and then I defrosted it in some warm water for a few minutes and then using a nut milk bag. I’M gon na drain, the liquid.

You can also use a cheesecloth for this, then I’m just gon na roughly chop, the spinach and now and I skillet over medium heat, I’m gon na add some coconut oil and some chopped onion go ahead and saute the onions until they’re, soft and translucent. Then, let’s add the chopped spinach mix that up and next I’m gon na add some pepper sea salt and minced garlic.

I’M just gon na saute that for a few more minutes, then I’m gon na add some coconut cream and go ahead and mix that up. Then I’m going to add the other half of coconut cream and mix it again and then lastly, I’m gon na squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice, just to give it an extra kick and I’m just gon na saute this for a few more minutes until The spinach is a little bit more softened and just that fast, the creamed spinach is done now.

I’M gon na prepare the turkey breakfast sausage. Now I make these all the time and they’re super easy to make in a mixing bowl. I’M gon na add some ground. Turkey, garlic powder, Italian, seasoning, sage, red pepper, flakes paprika, onion powder, sea, salt and pepper, and I’m just gon na mix this all up. You want to make sure that the seasoning is really worked into this turkey, because that’s really what makes it taste super good.

Then I’m gon na add some coconut oil to a skillet over medium heat. I’M gon na form the mixture into patties and this recipe will yield you about eight patties, I’m just gon na continue to cook until they’re, fully cooked through and slightly golden.

Next, I’m gon na make my veggie egg scramble, I’m gon na start by adding six eggs to a mixing bowl with some almond milk, sea, salt and pepper.

I’M just gon na whisk that until it’s fully combined go ahead and set that aside and in a skillet over medium heat, I’m gon na saute, some chopped bell pepper until they’re slightly soft, then I’m gon na add some spinach and just cook that down until the Spinach is wilted and, lastly, let’s add in the egg mixture and just cook that until the eggs are done, setting the egg mixture aside, I’m gon na start making the breakfast smoothie in a blender, I’m gon na add some unsweetened almond milk, a frozen banana, some frozen Blueberries ground, chia seeds, vanilla collagen protein powder and some spinach just blend that all up and the breakfast smoothies are done once the potatoes are done.

Cooking, I’m gon na cut them down the middle and scoop out about 75 % of the potato and I’m gon na. Add that to a mixing bowl along with the beef mixture and I’m just gon na mix that until it’s fully combined, then I’m gon na add this mixture back into the potato skins. Now, it’s time to add everything to their milk.

Rub containers, starting with the taco, stuffed sweet, potatoes and on the side, I’m just adding some shredded lettuce, avocado and cherry tomatoes. Now, of course, don’t forget to squeeze some lemon juice over the avocado to preserve it, then I’m gon na add the chicken legs to my containers, along with the creamed spinach and those are ready to go now.

The turkey sausage is gon na go in its own container, as well as the veggie egg scramble and for snacks. This week I’ve bought some organic eggs and I’m gon na add some celery sticks to a jar of water. This is actually a great tip to keep in mind when you put celery sticks in water in the refrigerator. It really helps to keep that celery, crunchy and fresh throughout the week, and I’ve also prepped some of my low carb ranch dressing to dip.

My celery sticks in, and I showed you guys how to make that ranch dressing in my last meal, prep video for the lunch meal prep. So of course you can go watch that video, but don’t forget all of the recipes, as always will be on my blog. So I will leave that linked for y’all below okay y’all, that is it for today’s video five days worth of meals.

KETO Carb-Cycling Meal Prep for Weight Loss – If you are enjoying this meal, prep series be sure to. Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up. It motivates me to keep going and keep sharing these recipes with y’all anyway,

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