Honey Garlic Shrimp Meal Prep

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How To Meal Prep Honey Garlic Shrimp – I’M gonna show you how to make a delicious honey garlic, shrimp meal prep with instant hot brown rice and some lemon snap peas. It’s a high protein low fat and super quick meal prep recipe.

Honey Garlic Shrimp Meal Prep

So, let’s get started, I’m gon na be using an instant pot to make my steamed brown rice. You could also make it on the stove I like using an instant pot, because I can just put all the ingredients in there and then let it go. I don’t have to fuss with it while I get everything else ready so in our instapoll, we’re gon na add in some brown rice, then we’re gon na add in the water and stir it together.

Honey Garlic Shrimp Meal Prep (Under 350 Calories!)

Then, on our ends, pot we’re going to hit the rice option and we’re gon na put it on high pressure and then it’s just gon na go and it’s gon na start cooking and it’ll seal itself on its own. So just set it aside. If you want to cook your rice on the stove, you would basically follow the same rules here. You would just put it on a stove all together in a deep pot cover it cook it on low to medium. Have it simmer for about 25 to 30 minutes until the rice fully absorbs all the water? While the rice is cooking, we can go ahead and get started with our other parts of our meal prep, starting with our honey, garlic shrimp, and then we can do our lemon snap peas.

How To Meal Prep | Honey Garlic Shrimp Meal Prep (Under 350 Calories!)

It’S all gon na come together, while the rice is cooking. Making this a very fast meal, we need to start with a honey garlic sauce for our shrimp, so in a small mixing bowl, we’re gon na add in some raw honey, followed by low-sodium soy sauce, some minced garlic, minced, fresh ginger, crushed red pepper, flakes and rice Vinegar and we’re gon na whisk all of this together until it’s fully combined then set that aside for a sec.

Now, in a large saute pan, we are going to heat it over a medium-high heat, we’re gon na add in a little bit of olive oil and allow it to get hot. Then I’m gon na add in my deveined and peeled shrimp into the pan and I’m gon na cook them for about two to three minutes.

I’M just looking for everything to get pink and not fully cooked all the way through. At this point then add in our sauce that we just put together and stir it all together – we’re gon na cook this for about two three more minutes. While the sauce heats all the way through and finishes the cooking of the shrimp, then you can remove this from the heat and allow it to cool.

Then we’re gon na add in our fresh sugar, snap, peas and we’re gon na toss it in the oil and cook them for about two to three minutes to get everything nicely tossed together and coated now add in some fresh lemon zest, sea, salt and ground black Pepper and toss all of this to coat we’re gon na cook for another three to five minutes.

What we’re looking for is for the sugar snap, peas. You become a little bit more tender. They still want to be crisp, especially because we’re gon na be reheating. This meal throughout the week, so you don’t want to cook them all the way through here, they’re gon na puff up a little bit and they’re gon na start to get a little bit golden and that’s perfect when the rice is done in the instant pot.

Go ahead and allow it to release all of the air and then carefully remove the lid, and then you can stir everything up and make sure that the rice has fully absorbed. All of the water then set all this aside to cool okay. So now we have our brown rice all nicely steamed. We have our honey, garlic, shrimp, cooked and ready to go, and we have our cooked sugar snap peas, with lemon everything is ready to put into our meal prep containers.

I love using these glass meal prep containers. I get asked all the time what I recommend and if you’re gon na buy some, I highly suggest these ones I’ll leave the link for you below in the description. Basically, these are very budget-friendly eco-friendly they’re, easy to clean, easy to reheat easy to store they’re awesome.

I use them all of the time our shrimp meal is gon na be four different meals throughout the week, so I’m gon na spread out four different meal, prep containers and I’m gon na start by adding in my steamed brown rice into all of our meal. Prep containers, then, on the opposite side of the shrimp, I’m gon na, add in our lemon snap, peas and then over.

Our brown rice, I’m gon na, add in our cooked shrimp, followed by any extra sauce that is left in that pan, because all that sauce is gon na be super tasty and it’s gon na season. Our rice, I’m gon na make a really tasty meal, then go ahead and seal the lids on tightly and then transfer these into the fridge.

They are gon na store in your fridge for up to four days, making them a super easy grab-and-go meal when you’re ready to eat just go ahead and grab one remove the lid place it in the microwave for one-and-a-half to two minutes on high, and you have A delicious honey garlic shrimp with lemon snap peas and steamed brown rice meal ready to eat using shrimp in your meal. Prep is a really great idea if you’re wanting to save as much time as possible. Shrimp is naturally healthy. It’S very quick to make this entire meal only takes 40 minutes, and you have four meals ready to go for the rest of the week, plus it’s only 349 calories for the entire meal and 29 grams of protein 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of fat.

Making it a really great, well-balanced meal to get you through the week, thanks so much for watching. I hope this helps you out with your meal prep goals and if you want more meal, prep ideas check out my meal, prep playlist for chicken and shrimp and salmon and be all sorts of meal.

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