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Breakfast we are making it these parfaits. So I’m starting off with some almonds, you guys know I love almonds, they’re high in vitamin E. They improve your bone health, adding in some coconut, as well as some ground. Flax and flax is gon na. Add some nice, omegas and fiber to this cinnamon, which is gon na regulate our blood sugar and a touch of maple syrup, which is actually great for your immune system.



Healthy meal prep ideas easy – A little bit of coconut oil, which is gon na help, give it a nice flavor and some vanilla extract, and then I’m going to be adding in a couple tablespoons of almond butter again guys know the benefits of almonds. I love almond butter and then we’re going to be mixing that up until the almond butter and coconut oil kind of combine and coat everything, I’m placing that on to Upham and we are going to be roasting. A slash toasting this in the oven, and I love this granola, because it’s a paleo granola. So if you’re staying away from grains like this one is awesome for you, then I’m taking it some frozen raspberries. I love doing this. I kind of just mashed them up and we’re gon na be putting this on the bottom of our jar. It’S a great way to add sweetness without adding sugar.

We’Re gon na make our chia pudding. You guys know. Cheese seeds are amazing. High in omega-3 is fiber, of course, some almond milk, because we need to make the pudding part of our pudding, so I’m doing 3/4 cup of chia seeds to 2 cups of almond milk, combining that and then adding in half a cup of coconut yogurt. I think the coconut yogurt really elevates it. It makes it a little bit. Thicker makes it super yummy and there’s no sugar added in this one. So I love it so now I’m taking my mashed raspberries and you can do whatever kind of fruit you like. If you want strawberries blackberries, I really like raspberries taking out the chia pudding that we’ve blended up and because we blended it, it got a thick quick.

So you don’t have to worry about doing it overnight, top with her paleo granola and then a little bit of fresh figs that I bought at the farmers market because they’re in season. So I suggest topping it with seasonal fruit. Keep your costs low and keep it in season. These are so delicious. I have them all week long. I’M obsessed guys next up we’re making lunch, but you can make this for dinner as well the lunch and dinner you can kind of interchange. So I’m cutting up some sweet potato, which is high in vitamin A from the beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium, and also just better for you than white potato I’m using some avocado oil, which is good because piccata oil has a higher smoke point.

So it’s better to roast with an olive oil because it isn’t combined and make free radicals some garlic powder as well as some rosemary, and then I’m tossing that up, I find doing this with a bowl is the best way to kind of toss up the potatoes. Putting that on some aluminum foil baking sheet and then cutting up some peppers and some a zucchini and then I’m putting that on a sheet pan, along with some chicken breasts, and I did spray this with avocado oil. So it doesn’t stick putting on some onion, which is great to decrease your blood pressure and your triglycerides peppers that are high in vitamin C and b6 and then, of course, some zucchini, which is also super good for you, and your immune system kind of helps. You like fight off infections, some rosemary and some red chili peppers, because I like things with a bit of heat, but you could omit this. If you don’t like heat, then I’m baking this for 25 minutes at 425.

So easy you put the sheet in the oven. You’Re good to go you roast your chicken, your veggies, all in one pan, I’m gon na put that with some sweet potato that I cooked and you’re good to go. Lastly, for dinner, we’re making like falafels from scratch, so I’m taking some a chickpea flour and combining that with some parsley about I’m chopping up. Parsley is great because it’s actually an anti-inflammatory and it’s gon na improve your bone health, combining that with a chickpea flour and adding in an egg. You can probably use a flaxseed link in this. I haven’t tried it, but I’m guessing you can probably use a flax egg, some tapioca flour, which also helps it find some garlic for flavor and then some tumeric, which is a great antioxidant, great anti-inflammatory and decreases stress and guys, as you can see, the star. We’Re special was back.

I got so many comments that, like the star wars, batch Allah had left in the last video. Don’T worry guys it’s back I’ve adding in the rice to cauliflower love cauliflower, it’s actually great for brain function because it has a compound called choline in it. I’M using my hand balls that I’m putting in a mini muffin tin, which is so useful for baking. These off all of everything will be a Mitch Scriptures box below, by the way, I’m massaging up some kale, because that actually makes it less bitter easier to eat and also easier to digest. So, while those are in the oven, I’m doing this and it’s great because these will actually keep them a meal prep versus. If you put a coil on normal salad, it’ll wilt kale won’t do that. I’M cutting up some candy cane beet, but I got at the farmers market because they are so pretty so I suggest just using your favorite, veggies or whatever veggies are in season again that helps make it really cost-effective.

I’M gon na make some a green magic sauce with some parsley and some mint, adding in some avocado for some great healthy fats. Some flavors can help keep us full. So I’m olive oil, which is great to use in like raw salad, dressings and I’m gon na, be adding and also some water just to help make the sauce a little bit more liquidy for our salad, along with some lemon juice, which helps alkalinize. The body adds some great flavor and a little bit of citrus also helps with digestion as well. Garlic again for flavor super also good for you, antimicrobial antibacterial, Himalayan salt, which balances your pH your electrolytes and yeah mate, the green sauce you can put that on top or put it in a salad container, and that is your meal prep for the week. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I have loved these recipes all week, long I’ve gotten to eat them

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