HEALTHY BREAKFAST RECIPES: easy, meal prep friendly, paleo recipes

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In today’s blog i’m sharing with you guys some healthy breakfast recipes that are easy meal prep friendly recipes that are also paleo as well so they’re delicious and good for you

let’s go ahead and jump in so the first breakfast we’re making is this breakfast quesadilla i’m heating a pan up with a little bit of avocado oil because we’re going to be cooking our eggs, eggs are such a good source of protein they’re loaded with choline for your brain and they actually have all of the amino acids that you need to form a complete protein


I’m taking two of these paleo and keto tortillas and i’m heating that up in a pan i’m gonna smash some avocado just to get some great healthy fats in this and it also makes it really nice and creamy mine was a little less ripe so i did have to mash it up quite a bit but you just have to put that onto your tortilla and then spread it out in an even layer and the combo of the creamy avocado with the egg works really well and it adds some fats which are nice and satisfying are great for your gut your skin your hair

I’m adding on a little bit of dairy-free cheese which also helps to kind of hold it all together putting the other tortilla on the top and then after a couple minutes i flipped it over when it was golden brown then all you have to do is slice it up and enjoy your breakfast quesadilla these can definitely be made in advance and just heat it up the day of but you can also bring this to school or to work it’s so delicious and satisfying and a great way to have eggs and avocado in a different way than your usual avocado toast


Next up is my favorite chia pudding recipe this is something i keep coming back to because it’s honestly the perfect thing in terms of like a quick breakfast in terms of meal prep and bringing it to school and work is so good and so good for you so i’m starting off with some full fat coconut milk which is the key to making the best chia pudding then i add in five tablespoons of chia seeds this is a golden ratio to get a really nice creamy chia pudding

The healthy fats from the coconut milk nourish your gut lining and also helps to keep you fuller longer the chia seeds are loaded with protein and omega-3s that are good for your immune system for your skin and for your gut

I add in a little bit of vanilla for some flavor and then just whisk that together this can be done overnight or even in the morning as you can see here it gels up quite quickly this was just 10 minutes of leaving it but also i’ve done this the night before and put it in individual mason jars for when you are going you know eating your breakfast at school or work so all then you need to do is scoop out a couple tablespoons in the morning or have it in your mason jar add some fresh berries

I like to do strawberries and then i also add some green free granola you can definitely add this on the top of the fruit that way it doesn’t get soggy or keep it in a separate little bag and add it on when you get to wherever you’re eating your breakfast but it’s so delicious and so satisfying and then we are making breakfast fried rice which is so delicious

I’m starting off by adding some saute blend mushrooms to a pan on medium heat as well as some leeks leeks are so delicious they’re kind of like an almost an oniony flavor so you can definitely use onion instead but this is a great way to get veggies in then i’m adding in some cauliflower rice and some garlic salt

We’re just going to saute that until all our veggies are kind of cooked through and this is a great thing to prep in advance because you can make a huge batch of this and then bring it all the days of the week if you wish so i’m adding in a couple eggs to the pan because we’re going to be adding that for protein and you can also if you are plant-based add in your favorite plant-based protein here if that works well for you and just stir the eggs together if you’re using eggs and break them up a bit so that we can cook them in with the vegetables but honestly you can definitely change up the vegetables to make so much variety with this recipe

based on your favorite ones you could do peppers you can even do a little bit of sweet potato you could do even like a nitrate-free bacon would work here as well just cook it all through make a big batch and you will be good to go with a delicious and nutritious healthy breakfast that is going to fuel you for the day so i hope you guys enjoyed seeing my favorite healthy breakfast ideas that you can make for a meal prep or just throughout the week they are tasty delicious and good for you if you want more healthy breakfast ideas

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