Grilling Recipes Chicken Thighs

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Grilling Recipes Chicken Thighs – If you’re here, that means we already have something amazing in common.

We both love good barbecue and that’s perfect, because here at Hey, Grill, Hey, my whole goal is to help you make better barbecue. So you can feed the people, you love and become a backyard barbecue hero, one of the people.

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My husband and official taste tester is obsessed with grilled chicken thighs and this recipe for these lemon and herb marinated grilled chicken thighs is lights out. His favorite every time, so that’s what we’re opening up today. Let’S do it. Let’S get started with our chicken thigh marinade.

Here’S what you’re going to need to put the marinade together three pounds of boneless skinless chicken thighs and then for the liquid part of the marinade you’re, going to need a cup of olive oil, a half a cup of white wine and a half a cup of White wine vinegar so go ahead and add those liquid ingredients to a gallon, zip top bag.

To that we’re going to add 5 cloves of minced garlic, now we need to prep our herbs, we’re using two tablespoons of flat leaf italian parsley, two tablespoons of rosemary, a tablespoon of thyme and a tablespoon of oregano. Now we’re using fresh herbs if you’re going to substitute for dried herbs, you actually need a little bit less i’ll cut it about by a third.

You just want to give all of your herbs. A really nice, fine mince, add your herbs into your marinating bag and then the rest of our seasonings, we’re going to add in two tablespoons of sugar. This just really balances out the marinade, with a kiss of sweetness, a tablespoon of kosher salt, two teaspoons of black pepper, a teaspoon of red pepper, flakes just for a kiss of heat and then the zest and the juice of one lemon.

I’M like scared, I’m gon na cut myself. All the ingredients are in zip your marinading bag closed and then give it a good mix to get all those ingredients incorporated. Marinade is ready, grab some tongs and get your boneless skinless chicken thighs into the marinade once these are all in we’re just going to pop it in the fridge and let these marinade for at least four hours up to eight hours really get a lot of flavor.

One of the reasons that i like these boneless skinless chicken thighs – it just gives you a ton of surface area for this yummy lemony, herby, goodness to get on all sides of the chicken breasts thighs chicken, thighs chicken’s, ready to go into the fridge. I love to get this prepared in the morning so by dinner time, it’s ready to grill

Grilling Recipes Chicken Thighs

Chicken is marinated, we’ve got our grill preheated you’re, looking for between 400 and 450 degrees we’re working on charcoal today, but this works perfectly on gas or your pellet grill, whatever you can get up to those temps and for our charcoal we just have the coals arranged.

Pretty evenly across the bottom, with a small space, that’s kind of our indirect zone. If we need to move any chicken thighs that are cooking too quickly off to the cool zone, just shake off any excess marinade get your thighs directly on the grill grates they’re, probably going to take about six to eight minutes per side.

So we’re getting some really nice color over here where the coals are hot and then once i get the kind of grilled char on the outside that i like i’ll, move them over the cooler areas to finish cooking now chicken is fda safe at 165 degrees, but I actually prefer to take chicken thighs up to 175 degrees. They have enough fat in them to stay juicy and that higher temp breaks down.

Some of that tight connective tissue and you’ll get a more moist juicy melt in your mouth chicken thigh. These thighs look beautiful they’re up to that perfect temperature, we’re gon na pull them off. Let them rest on the cutting board for about five to ten minutes and then we’re ready to eat.

Well, these look delicious and you know we can’t finish a blog without tasting them, because I would never ever give you a recipe that we don’t eat and love at home. So i get to try a bite of this tasty juicy lemony garlicky chicken thighs, also whoa, whoa whoa. Are these my chicken thighs? I know they’re your favorite.

I got you your own fork, though let me buy one there. I love the char on the outside. Of these from the grill charcoal does something magical to chicken thighs, a little extra lemon juice they’re. So moist already you got all the fresh herbs. This is so good lemon white wine.

These are like a perfect weeknight dinner, but i think they have fancy enough flavors. You could do dinner party chicken thighs, absolutely well we’re gon na finish off this tray. Maybe we’ll share with our kids, probably there’s a lot of chicken. I hope you guys make this recipe at home.

If you do snap a photo because they’re incredibly photogenic chicken thighs share it online use the hashtag, I can see what you’re cooking up at home for your family and cheer. You on your way to becoming a backyard barbecue hero. You know we wrapped filming right.

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