GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST | how to grill juicy boneless chicken

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hello today I’m showing you how to make a grilled chicken breast without drying it out I will share all of my tips and tricks so that you can grill your chicken without a marinade and still create a really juicy moist delicious chicken breast that would be great on its own and also perfect for meal prep



grilled chicken breast – so the first thing I like to do is get my chicken out of the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before I get it on the grill this way it comes down to room temperature which is gonna help it cook more evenly as for quality I always look for local and/or organic chicken and that’s what I recommend but as always you simply want to make the best choice that’s available to you now because I know many of you are gonna ask personally I do not wash chicken before I work with it I find that that creates more opportunity for cross-contamination and if there is any type of bacteria on the chicken it will get killed off once it hits the high heat that we’re going to be cooking the chicken however you do want to make sure that you’re washing your hands throughout the process whenever you’re working with raw chicken now the next step is probably the most important step to having the chicken cook evenly and be nice and juicy it’s that you want the chicken breasts to be the same thickness around the entire breast so normally when you take a chicken breast out it’s really thick on one side and really thin down on the other side and that’s gonna create uneven cooking which means the thin side is gonna get very overcooked the thick side could possibly be undercooked

so what I like to do is lay out a piece of wax paper you could also do this plastic wrap then I place the chicken breast on top with another piece of wax paper and then using a meat mallet I’m just going to hit down and out on the thicker parts of the chicken now you don’t want to just go straight up and down you want to find those thicker areas and then again it’s down and out it’s like a little push forward and what we’re trying to do is get all of those thicker parts of the chicken flattened out so that the breast is nice and even it doesn’t really matter how thick or thin you make it what matters is that it’s fairly even all the way across personally I prefer it to be a little bit thinner but if you like a really fat juicy chicken breast then you would be a little bit thicker personal preference side note if you do not have a meat mallet you could do this with any type of heavy bottle you could do it with a rolling pin even a can of soup from here I like to transfer the chicken breasts onto a rimmed baking sheet I love using these baking sheets because they make it very convenient also to carry the chicken from the kitchen outside to the grill I also like to season the chicken breasts right on the rim baking sheet as well so what I do is I brush a little bit of avocado oil on each chicken breast and then i season generously with salt and pepper and I’m gonna do this on both sides of the chicken now this is all you need you don’t need to marinate the chicken and you don’t need anything else to create a really flavorful delicious chicken breast but just to give an option I am also gonna bring some barbecue sauce out to the grill as well to show you how you can easily brush on a little extra flavor right at the end of cooking without needing to marinate the chicken for hours

so I’ve got the grill at a medium-high heat you want the temperature to read somewhere between 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit and then to prep my grill all I did was brush the grates with this grill brush that helps to clean them off and make sure that nothing sticks and I rubbed them down with a little bit more of that avocado oil and I do this just by taking a Tong and dipping a paper towel into the oil and then gently rubbing it over the grates so we’re ready for the chicken so I like to place the chicken down the smooth side of the chicken first and I do that because that’s the side that we’re usually going to present with so this way it goes on the clean grates and it’s gonna look the best shut the grill let it go for about four minutes the chicken is gonna take a total of 8 to 10 minutes depending on how thick it is so if it’s thinner like mine you want to start at about 4 minutes after 3 minutes I like to open the grill rotate the chicken 90 degrees and this is gonna help us get those fancy grill marks so then I just close it and let it go for that extra minute you’re gonna see that it begins to turn opaque around the sides and coming up the chicken that’s how you know that it’s ready to flip and it should release from the grill very easily if it feels like it’s sticking it might need a little extra time

so I’m gonna flip these over and let it go for another four minutes on the opposite side now if you didn’t want to add any extra flavor just shut the grill and let it cook but I wanted to show you guys how you could add flavor without marinating the chicken so at this point what I like to do is just brush a little bit of barbecue sauce right over the top of the chicken right while it’s on the grill you’re just gonna get a nice thick layer of barbecue sauce on there and that’s gonna kind of sear into the chicken while it’s cooking it’s been about three minutes so I like to flip the chicken one more time here and let that extra minute finish where I can get a little extra barbecue sauce on the opposite side if you were not adding any type of sauce at the end you wouldn’t need to do this extra flip you would just let it finish off but if you wanted to add some type of sauce like I’m doing here just flip it a minute early

how to grill juicy boneless chicken

so you can get that flavor on both sides now to ensure that the chicken is cooked through we want our chicken out 165 degrees but when it comes to a chicken breast like this what I usually do is I just take a knife right at the grill to a little slit at the edge of the chicken if it looks opaque and nice and juicy I know it’s done so this chicken is done it is ready to go once I have the chicken inside I just let it rest for a couple of minutes and then I like to cut it into slices you can see that it’s nice and moist and juicy that barbecue sauce has a little extra flavor and then this will be delicious ready to eat as it is or but I really like to do and I do very often is I will transfer this into an airtight container save this really great Head Start ingredient that you could add to salads to sandwiches to wraps to quesadillas in the fridge ready to go so my dear friends that is how you grill a chicken breast and keep it really moist and juicy and flavorful I am as always super excited for you to give this technique a try and when you do snap a picture and tag me on Instagram and Facebook so I can see all the clean and deliciousness that you’re whipping up in your very own kitchens

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