Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

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Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy – I’m James Briscione, director of culinary research here at the Institute of Culinary Education. Today, we’re going to make your Big Mac meal fancy.

So we’re going to start things off here with a little French fry mousse. We took our large French fries, blended them with a little bit of hot milk, which makes this beautiful, creamy, potato puree, and we’re going to load that into the whipping canister here. That’s going to create a beautiful, silky, potato mousse. Alright, so that’s potato mousse.

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Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

Now, ketchup caviar. I love ketchup in my burger. Ketchup can look a whole lot better. We’re going to start here with just a bit of water and agar. We’re going to take that and whisk it into the water.

The reason we like agar instead of gelatin is that because it will stay gelled at warm temperatures, where gelatin is going to dissolve really quickly. So the agar and water mixture has come to a boil. Now we just turn that down and add our ketchup. Let that ketchup and agar cook together for just a moment. So agar and ketchup mixture in the squeeze bottle.

Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

This is where things get fun. We’ve got a bath of cold oil. So this is oil that’s been in the freezer and is now sitting over ice, so it’s super, super cold. So we take our hot ketchup-agar mixture, and we’re going to drop it into ice cold oil.

So if we add it drop by drop, we’re going to get perfect little pearls of ketchup. Really cool little trick, you can do this with any kind of liquid, fruit juices, and really anything you want. Now we just scoop these guys up and drop them into a little water to rinse, there it is, ketchup caviar. I think we’re ready to plate.

So here we go. We got our Big Mac, went ahead and grabbed a plate of just some extra, kind of typical burger toppings, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion. We got our mustard and ketchup. We’re ready to go. We’re actually going to start here with a little bit of ketchup and a little bit of mustard.

You know you need that on your burger right next to each other. And then, I’m going to take a paintbrush and just run that right through. Nice little base there. We’ve got our French fry mousse. Just going to kinda drop a little bit of that down around the plate. That’s going to just kinda set up the frame for our burger.


Now, our Big Mac, take this bad boy apart. I’ve got one patty with the cheese and then another patty. So we’re going to take those two guys, slice those and just kinda frame them up, and they’re going to rest right here between that French fry mousse. And now we’re starting to set up a little bit of framing and a little movement on the plate.

Bun is going to give us some nice little textures. I’m going to take that bun, actually tear it into pieces, and just drop it right around here. So now we’re starting to kinda fill out this plate. We’re getting a good look. Tuck that right around there. Then our little garnishes here.

So we’ve got our pickles and just drop some nice pickles right in there, love pickles so we’re going with lots of these, little bit of onion, tuck those right in, love these little rings right here.

Now a bit of our tomato, just cut it up into some small pieces, get some different shapes happening, so they tuck right in. And then finish it all with some nice fresh lettuce here, get a nice little shape on that, just like this. Drop three of those around there. Looking really good.

So our burger’s plated and then we finish it off with my favorite piece, that ketchup caviar. We just grab a little bit of our caviar there, and now we’re going to drop it right in there. And with ketchup caviar, there it is, the Big Mac meal transformed.

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