Foods To Avoid On The Keto Diet

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Today we’re going to talk about what foods not to eat on keto. I know it looks like it’s a lot right. Well, it’s there for a reason and we want to make sure your journey is successful.

So there’s some stuff that was sabotage your journey and really ruin your ability to get into ketosis and lose the weight.

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Foods To Avoid On The Keto Diet

So let’s identify the obvious right, let’s just start with the whole culprit itself. Sugars, this is a given. You know this brown, sugar, white, sugar, powdered, sugar added sugar to foods. We want to eliminate that. But what about this one I’ve had my clients. Ask me what about jams and preserves.

I like a little jelly in the morning with my toast and I might hold on first of all, jelly and toast we’re not doing it. That way and by the way there are ways in which you can enjoy your breakfast and the way that you like it. Without the added sugars, you can make your own keto friendly bread and add butter to it.

Foods To Avoid On The Keto Diet

So we’re going to talk about that stuff in another video, but I want you to cut out the stuff. That’S in your pantry in your refrigerator. Take a look at it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Take it out of the refrigerator of a pantry turn it over. Look at the ingredient label. Look at the nutrition label, look at the total number of carbs!

That’s in that and then read the ingredients find the hidden sugars in it. You make the decision of whether or not those jams of preserves are really worth it, and not just for those Janson preserve. Do it for the salad dressing right and then we have the obvious high fructose corn syrup, sodas diet or otherwise we’re saying no to that cut that out, because of all of the hidden sugar and all of the obvious sugars.

That’S in it too, because it’s not all hidden and then your sauces eating out and you’ve got these different nice sauces that are added to your foods or whatever. Then you want to be careful about that, because trust me, it’s some hidden sugar in that to anything that that’s been added tastes better than it normally would it’s got some sugar in it all right, good, it’s another obvious cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, donuts, pastries.

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The list can go on and on and on and on it’s loaded with sugar. I cook a whole lot of baked goods that are keto friendly, using keto friendly sweeteners from brownies to muffins to cakes. I’Ve done all kinds of cakes and I continue to lose the weight and, of course, reverse this thing of insulin resistance.

So all I’m telling you is don’t fret don’t feel like you’re, giving up or missing something you can do this. You can still enjoy food, but remember food is here to nourish us is to give us energy is to sustain our lives. It’S not for us to be.

You know bent out of shape about what I’m going to eat is to eat, to live, okay and not live to eat, so starchy veggies, we’re covering this in another video, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, corn, peas, beets, carrots in moderation. I have it on the list, but I’ve heard and my choice – I don’t I don’t eat them and butternut squash and there’s so much more on that list right.

There are other foods that are friendly vegetables that you can eat. Let’S go to grains the obvious rice, brown and white rice. I know you thought brown rice was better and that’s why you were eating it, but in this case that would be of knowing your keto journey because remember the whole reason we’re taking this journey is to reverse improve insulin resistance.

We want our body to heal from that and all the symptoms that it creates. So we’re not in this for the short haul, we’re in this for the long haul. However long it takes it did not take. We did not get into the state of insulin resistance overnight that took years for us to get to that state. You did not get diabetes overnight.

Type 2 diabetes did not occur overnight. That took a long time to get to that state and we we need to fix that, and this is what’s going to help us so fried foods, deep, fried foods. No, you don’t want to do that. Bread baked English, muffinz, pasta, breakfast cereal, oatmeal.

I’Ve got videos on there that tell you how much sugar and carbs are in these foods. So you want to eliminate a Yukino journey packaged snacks, guys, look, 75 % of sugar is hidden in packaged goods. Okay, 75 % of the foods that you take in packaged goods and laden with sugar from candy to pretzels, say you’ve heard my story.

I was the one addicted to the peanut M & Ms, so I had to kick that out. No more of that candy pretzels rice, cakes, breakfast bars, Twinkies. I know I just struck a nerve with somebody listening. Yes, the famous Twinkies raisins potato chips. This was another challenge for me. I was a potato chip eater and now don’t even miss the stuff.

I tell you this story, it’s a true story. Sometimes, when I’m in the grocery store and I’m shopping, I will go down in the snack. I all the potato chips, the cookies, all that stuff. That’S on there now literally pick it up and I’ll look at it and I’ll talk to it and tell it you don’t tell me what to do.

You still don’t tell me what to do, because now I’m not challenged about whether or not I should buy eminence. It’S a funny story: my family gets a kick out of it because I know I’ve conquered that I need to have that food. Okay, pop-tarts granola bars we’re saying no to all of that stuff.

So a big whopping! No on all of these things, because we are in this to get healthy, we’re not trying to rely on these foods and feel like we can’t give them up. Oh, yes, we can dairy products, ice cream, pudding, flavored, dairy products, fruit at the bottom yogurt.

That’S supposed to be so great right, no we’re going to give that up. Hold and skim milk have believe it or not. So you want to take a look at that and then margarine. We do grass-fed butter on keto, so dairy these dairy products are big fat enough.

Okay, let’s move on fruits. Well, you know if you watch the other video that I talked about the fruits that are good on keto journey. You would have learned that the lemons, limes and berries, raspberries, blackberries strawberries blueberries are good for you on keto.

Then everything else you want to hold back on because of the high carb content of that fruit, high carb, high sugar and a lot of them. So we talked about this. I’M also talking about applesauce dried fruit, the absolute worst, so you want to avoid that apples, bananas, we all love them, and once you get your body back to where you wanted their fruits and veggies, you can reintroduce so keep in mind if you are trying to Lose a lot of weight or need to lose a lot of weight.

Then you want to keep your carbs low if you don’t have weight to lose what you are on all kinds of prescription, medicine and all of that, then you want to make sure your your carbs are our moderate and some of these fruit will blow your carbs Out and you want to watch it if you diabetic, okay, so we’re going to say no to these certain fruits and then the last category beans in the goons.

Let’S look at that for a second, and I know I like white beans and tortillas, I used to eat all those things, but not anymore, so we’re talking black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, lima beans, baked beans, chickpeas.

These are things that we want to eliminate in our process of healing on the keto journey, so these are the things that we don’t eat on keto by the way, there’s a link at the bottom, if you click that it has all of these foods and more So you can have this reference list when you’re preparing your meals and shopping, so you don’t make the mistake of grabbing something: that’s not keto friendly.

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