BLACKPINK JENNIE DIET and Workout – I eat like Jennie Kim BLACKPINK for 3 days

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hello everyone today I’m going to be attempting black pink Jenny’s diet welcome to the I hate Amy show to start off I’m gonna be taking my measurements and as you can see I’m not built like Jenny but I’m hoping that after these three days I can at least look like her armpit



I don’t know she doesn’t have an armpit fat so currently my waist measures in at thirty four point five inches however with a nice pair of high waisted leggings you can tuck all of that away black Pinkins never really talked too much in depth about what their diet is all the members started off pretty thin and no one member really lost too much weight however after a little bit of internet snooping I found out what Jenny typically does right before a comeback but she still does this and what I found she typically Beacons every single morning with an avocado salad followed by a detox juice

Jennie Kim BLACKPINK Diet

She watches what she eats since it is a no salt diet so she cuts out any sodium and she also works out and by working out she gathered as her Pilates her flying her aerial yoga flying yoga and also of course for dance practice which is very very intense so she does do a lot of like exercise and she gets her blood pumping lots of movement movement that’s it not too many rules so you do get a lot of freedom

So let’s see what I ate for these three days Jenny said that she starts off with an avocado salad every day but I wasn’t really sure what goes in it besides avocado so I googled it and some pictures showed a hard-boiled egg cubed in with the avocados and just look at how horribly I slandered the avocado like the uneven cut the sleeve touching the avocado like la lilly like really no I’m making my avocado salad

Okay this is like my fifth time boiling an egg like ever and the hard-boiled egg recipe says just dunk it in water to prevent it from overcooking which by the way I also talks into some frozen sweet potatoes into that bath water just to be efficient Oh anyways I finished up the salad up with some pepper which isn’t salt so I think it’s fine and was pretty gross when I think of detox juice I would see it like asking for something I didn’t have that what I did have was tea

I also know that green tea is the best for detoxification so yeah it’s just ice green tea so today we’re gonna be dancing to black pink through just dance just because they did say that the only type of workout that they do is their dance choreo which is really intense and I know but I don’t I can’t dance so we’re gonna do the dress dance version we’re just gonna be really fun so I spent this part up because it’s just embarrassing watching this attempt but you can kind of see that the just dance version definitely isn’t as intense as the actual choreography that they do

So I did do it twice and even then I still didn’t think he was an intense enough so I did do a third song called my new swag by Vava and if anyone has just ads please try this it’s so fun and engages everything like just look I was a window now for dinner because jenny is on a no sodium diet she didn’t really specify what she eats so I just had rice green beans carrots and chicken and now onto the second day if I’m gonna be honest I woke up at like 3 p.m.

Every single day so breakfast is Brady brunch which is why you only really see Tommy but same thing I had an avocado salad this time with an O egg and a tomato instead and some frozen sweet potatoes what is that mysterious ticking noise I found the source of the ticking this time I can say that it actually tasted really good so I know not to boil sweet potatoes in egg water no way and for today’s detox juice

My mom made papaya Sacco and when I looked at recipe for detox juice I saw papaya as one of the ingredients so I just I took this as a d-dogs juice just dance was just not intense enough it was fun to do but nowhere near as close to how much black pink probably actually burns

So I just went with my own workout dinner I tried to have as little sodium as possible so stuck to mainly veggies with an orange as dessert and now we have reached the last day today was different because I decided to start my day off with a workout and then eat because I knew how everybody here works I go to sleep and everyone eats everything

I decided to have tea again because I realized that making tea actually does not take that much effort if any ever at all how’d you like to steep your tea for yeah yeah thank you put enough absolute an interesting color usually it’s blue what are you sure hey sure oh that is interesting man I’m not gonna lie though I dumped all this tea back into the pot just so I could take this Vince Rand picture

I had a bowl of tangerines with a side of animal crossing because I know Johnny plays Animal Crossing when she’s in the recording studio so it’s on a black pink diet if I don’t live exactly like them I took a nap right after this because tending to an island is just so exhausting and it decided to make garlic naan which I struggled for like more than five minutes just to open the bag it’s a garlic butter and herbs and um yeah I’m not gonna lie just kind of thought and I’m pretty sure there was sodium in it but I didn’t care I was hungry and what a way to end a diet am i right

okay so now we need to the measurements for after my diet as you can see I reduced and bloating a lot and my least and now measures in at 33 inches meaning I lost 1.5 inches in just three days

It is nice to see these results so quickly after just three days however I do know that I’m probably gonna gain the weight back after these three days or just as quickly as I lost them just because it is still a restrictive diet after all and you’re cutting at sodium completely which on the first day it isn’t so bad however on the third day I just I really couldn’t wait to just rip open a bag of Cheetos and just start eating everything that I couldn’t eat when I was on this three-day diet

So I mean like that mindset isn’t that healthy for you in the long run because you’re just gonna restrict for yourself for a short period of time and then just go bend everything that you couldn’t eat for a longer period of time now for this diet I would recommend this diet as like a very short-term diet somewhere like before and like an event or before you if you want to take a picture or something I don’t know personally for me it’s just that since I have no self-control

I find that it’s this like hold no sodium thing was just really hard to maintain and to keep up and honestly all I could think about was when the end was gonna be over or when the end was here

So that I could eat like how I know needed that’s the end though and it was really fun trying was diet it does make you think a lot more about what you are you doing like oh my gosh is this too salty for me am I going to wake up with a really bloated face is this unhealthy so it does help you to form good habits which is really good unfortunately I still didn’t learn how to cut an avocado at the end of this which is just unfortunate but I’m sure I’ll get there and however that’s the end

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