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Grilling Recipes Ideas – BEST-EVER BBQ SHRIMP – welcome to how to feed a loon the root of this, no just keeping it real.

My name is Chris. I’M Wesley the besa Queen there ever was a moral. No we’re so excited that your own now balloon the look here today on how to feed a loon we’re going to be feeding you, some of the best incredible shrimp that we’ve ever had.

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I’M telling you this is one of our most popular dishes on the blog or a long it is it it’s my best ever barbecue shrimp. Yes, oh so good, alright! So let’s get started now it’s a rainy day! So that’s not going to keep us from having no we’re gon na grill on the inside and of course you can do this outside, but you can also do it inside yeah.

I’Ve already got nice and hot and sweaty in here, as always, keeps it positive and get a suntan from this girl. Oh yeah, this is actually. This is a Philips grill, it’s an infrared, it’s wonderful! We use it all the time you love it. Some people don’t like a product review of it and and some people like, oh, it’s, not smokeless.

BEST-EVER BBQ SHRIMP | Grilling Recipes Ideas

I can see the little smoke coming up well, true. Every time you cook food, there’s gon na be a little bit of steam, but whatever to each his own yeah. We love it, we really do love it and it keeps us grilling in your highness so anyway so anyway. So let me tell you about this.

Oh, as this is heating up. Let’S talk, I have got some. I know before we do that. I’M just telling about the shrimp yeah. It wouldn’t be a barbecue shrimp without sure. Oh, so I’ve got some nice large. I think it’s like a 24 count. Jumbo shrimp.

I took the the shells off. You want a demain home and take the shells off clean them. I love to lit, leave the tails on them just cuz. It gives a little something hold on to is you’re biting yes and then all I did is I just just now. I just hit it with a little bit of kosher salt, a little bit of black pepper and that’s all.

There is to the mission we’ve spear them, and then I put a long few. We spear them, we skewers and, and that’s all there is to it now on to them. Yes, on the barbecue. This is my homemade barbecue sauce, it’s so easy to make, but let me tell you it makes such a difference than the bottles.

Even the best bottle stuff doesn’t compare to so means a lot of well so whenever, but I’m also done for my modest – and I don’t mind bragging about this because it’s so gone anyway. Let us show you how we made this. We made a batch last night and it’s so good.

Yes, when you come back, we will have already basted this shrimp. It cooks in about literally about 6 to 8 minutes and we’re gon na be ready to eat. So we’ll see you in a bit well we’re medium heat, add 2 cups of ketchup to that add, 1/4 cup of apple, cider, vinegar and then 1/4 cup of molasses.

Yes, it will stir, then we’re gon na add a tablespoon of ancho chili powder and a tablespoon of dry, yellow mustard, a teaspoon each. The dried, oregano and cumin add that to the party and then stir it up. Now we’re really gon na deepen the flavor, we’re gon na add 1/2 a teaspoon of liquid smoke. Don’T add too much a little bit go along now.

We’Re gon na add some hot sauce for a little kick in some kosher salt and a pinch of black pepper stir all that up we’re gon na. Let this come to a simmer and it’s gon na simmer beautifully for those flavors meld now, wasn’t that the best yeah barbecue sauce and see how easy it is.

So while you were watching us do that we were I’ve been basting and turning – and this took about a total of literally like six minutes – I got this good and hot yeah. You know if it’s. If it’s got some shrimp on the Bobby, I know you’ll know when it’s done, because it’s gon na turn a nice pink they’re gon na curl up and be all happy and they get a nice little toasty charcoal on the loo, hey straight me off. Yes, that is a thing of beauty they smell heavenly.

I mean I understand why they’re so popular. This is some shrimp on the Bobby. You already said that I know it is everybody, so we’ve got a little bit homemade barbecue sauce. We keep that on to the side, yeah say, save a little batch that you’re doing separate from when you’re basting, because you don’t want yeah, so good fraud we needed grilling. These things, yeah smell is incredible.

This is you so right turn them over and did a whole whatever, like you, re, basted them on both sides. Yeah, you baste. As you go right. Well, I would think so yeah, but not with that barbecue sauce. I know people well, it’s so easy. Oh anybody! Wan na make it you can’t bottle it because you have it open and everybody can see what you put in it.

That’S right everyone I can make that anyway. This is 100 %, Luna proof yeah. I was pretty sure you were gon na. So I got ta have nice asses get in there? I don’t care. If it’s raining now you can give this recipe, sorry old and many more on how to feed aloo God.

It isn’t really good, yes, so mmm and when you’re looking good while you’re doing this go ahead and have your phone and go oh, I got how’d, it feel alone. I love that I’m gon na share, but first lick your fingers. Well, yeah. You think it’s very sticky foam anyway. This is great.

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