7 MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks!

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7 MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks! – Today I thought I would switch things up a bit and share with you guys my seven must-have meal prep packs.

These are things that I do in my kitchen every week that have really changed the way I meal, prep and cook, and just kind of streamlines things and saves you so much time. You guys need to know these so today I’m sharing my meal, prepping secrets with you, because I love you and I just I want to share them with you.

7 MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks!

Let’S hop right into the video and I will share with you guys my seven must know: meal prep, hacks hack number one is to quarter your lemons. Now I use lemons pretty much every single morning for my water, cooking smoothies, you get it.

I love my lemons and when you quarter them, you actually get more juice out of them when you squeeze them with either by hand or lemon squeezer and another reason why I like to pre chop.

My lemons is just to go ahead and store them in a large mason jar seal it up, and then you can have this ready to go in your fridge and I’m telling you something as simple as pre chopping lemons when you know you’re going to be using Them a lot during the week will save you so much time and the mornings all you have to do is just pour your cup of water squeeze some lemon juice in it and just makes things that much easier and that’s why I love this simple hack meal. Prep hack number two is to pre chop your onions and garlic.

7 MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks!

I’M telling you when you prep these ahead of time. It just makes weeknight dinners that much easier, especially if you just find it annoying to peel and chop onions. I’M going to show you guys a really easy hack to do it and when you have these ready to go in your fridge it just I don’t know it makes a world of a difference, and I just feel like I don’t spend my days chopping up, onions And garlic anymore, I’m gon na go ahead and peel and quarter my onions and then for the garlic.

You guys know this half you take a knife kind of smush it on one end and it just makes the peel come off really easy. So for the onions, I’m actually just gon na place them into my food processor, I think food processors are so underrated. I use mine almost every week, they’re really easy to clean. They come in handy for chopping, processing, grating, lots of things, but you can see that the onion is just nicely chopped. No tears went into cutting these onions and then I’m just storing these in another large mason jar.

You want to use something, that’s glass, so it doesn’t absorb the smell of the onion. So just pop on the lid throw that in the fridge – and you have pre chopped onion for soups, stir fries anything you need onion, for you got it for the garlic. I’M pretty much doing the same thing, I’m just throwing them into a have a smaller food processor.

Here I like this for smaller jobs like garlic and I’m just gon na throw them in a hole and just process them until I have a nice, fine minced texture same thing, I’m gon na pop this into a smaller mason jar, and you will never have that. Tedious job of chopping onion every single day – I don’t know – maybe I just need a lot of garlic, but I find this hack very handy when it comes to my meal prep. My next meal prep hack, is to soak your grains.

Now I like to use hearty grains like steel, cut, oats and brown rice, but sometimes they can take longer to cook. So I have a really easy hack. All you’re gon na do is the night before you’re gon na put your grains or your steel-cut oats into a bowl and cover it with water.

This is not only gon na speed up your cooking time when making these the next morning, but it’s also just gon na make it easier to digest. Usually, steel cut oats or brown rice can take up to 40 minutes to cook and in the morning, or maybe when you’re trying to make lunch.

You don’t have time for that. So I like to soak them to cut that cooking time. Pretty much in half same thing goes with brown rice I just like to pre-soak it, and that way when I am cooking it for dinner the next day it’s gon na cook in like way less time.

It’S it’s like magic, but it’s just a simple thing: you can do the night before just to help things run a little smoother or faster in this case. Now it’s no surprise. I love me a good smoothie, so to help your smoothie making run a little bit more smoothly. No pun intended. I love to make smoothie packs. Now I’ve mentioned these way back before on my channel, but these are just freezer smoothie packs.

You can prep on Sunday, night or throughout the week and just kind of fill them up with different things. Now what I love about these is, you can really customize them for different members and your family, or just to switch things up. So you have variety add in your greens, your fruits, your veggies protein powder, nuts seeds, whatever you want in there and it’s ready to go just pop it into the freezer and then the next day you just have to put it into your blender, with your liquid Lend it all up, it is so quick, there’s no excuse not to make a smoothie when you have this hack.

Next up is a new hack that I’ve recently been trying – and I love this so we’re gon na – be making some flavor ice cubes using fresh herbs, olive oil and a little bit of garlic, so you’re gon na first chop up all your fresh herbs. Now I don’t know about you, but when I buy fresh herbs they don’t last that long and I never know how to use them all up in time.

So now I love chopping mine up and adding them into an ice cube tray. You can make different flavor combinations for when you’re, making chicken fish veggie stir fries. Whatever you want, you can make your own custom flavor cubes, ready to go when you’re making dinner next, I’m adding in that minced garlic that we already made earlier at sea it.

It comes in really handy taking that fresh, lemon juice that we already quartered and I’m gon na squeeze that over top and then fill them with some olive oil. I like to do them about half way cuz my ice cube tray is pretty deep, but you can just add as much or as little as you would like.

So not only are we infusing these flavors into the olive oil, but we’re also gon na freeze them. So they are already ready to go in the freezer when you want to add them to a meal once frozen. I just like to store them into one of my stash of eggs and then, when I’m ready to cook, I just gon na pop one into a hot skillet and just kind of let it melt and sizzle and the flavor that comes out of this is insane.

Your whole kitchen just smells so good and all you did was just pull out an oil infused cube. It’S it’s genius, so I’m just cooking up some green beans here, but you can add this to anything. You want they’re magical. My next meal, prep pack, is a snack pack.

I love that that rhymes whatever it smacks, you like you just put them into a little snack pack and you have them ready to go so no more getting hangry on road trips commuting heading to the gym. Wherever you need to go, you got a snack. Last but not least, this is something I’ve been doing for the entire past year, online grocery shopping. This is not sponsored.

This is the best thing ever Matt and I basically do our weekly grocery shopping now only online. It saves me so much money and time yes, money, because I’m not going to the grocery store hungry buying things I don’t need. I can have my grocery list right in front of me.

No one I’m gon na be making for the week and just sort it all out online and have it shipped to me the next morning I will see if I can get a coupon code for you guys and link it down below. But honestly, it has just really just changed my shopping experience.

There you have it health, nuts, those are my seven must-know meal, prep hacks, I know you guys are gon na love them they’re seriously, gon na change. The way you cook in your own kitchen, also because I know I’m gon na get so many questions about all the tools that I used in today’s video.

If only there was a place that you could find them all in one spot all right. We have an online wellness shop in case you guys didn’t know. We have a shop where we sell like eco-friendly kitchen items. Self-Care things lots of awesome products on there.

You guys can check it out down below and a big. Thank you for sticking to the end of this video. You can also use the code meal prep until the end of the month to receive 15 % off your entire purchase. So you know take advantage, get your meal prep and tools. We also have the cutest bento boxes, which I didn’t feature in today’s video, but they are so cute.

They’Re made out of recycled rice husk, so they are sustainable, eco-friendly they’re, reusable and we just love them and they’re like our top sellers like we cannot keep them on the shelves they may be sold out when this video goes live but enjoy the discount get your Tools ready for 2019 and be sure to subscribe, hit that red subscribe button down below. So you don’t miss out on a future video of mine, and I will see you guys in my next video happy meal.

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