3 Ingredient Easy Keto Meal Prep

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3 Ingredient Easy Keto Meal Prep – Hey everyone and welcome back to another fad for weight loss meal plan video today, I’m showing you how to make a whole bunch of really fantastic ketogenic recipes with only three ingredients that you can make out of. Absolutely anything.

I’M gon na show you what it looks like on a plate, and now I’m going to show you what it looks like cooked, because what it looks like on a plate before it gets cooked is really important. It’S great to have fancy recipes, but sometimes you just need to take it back to basics.

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I probably eat this way about 80 to 90 percent of the time. So I’m going to show you exactly how I do it and exactly how you can make it work for you.

3 Ingredient Easy Keto Meal Prep

So, let’s get started, most people need macro calculators to figure out what a ketogenic meal looks like. But today I’m showing you a really simple ratio that you can use to make hitting your ketogenic macronutrients really easy.

So you want 50 % vegetables, green, leafy or above the ground, if possible, 25 % protein, which can come from fatty meat sources or nuts and seeds, and 25 % healthy fats things like butter, coconut oil, cheese or olives. Now I know what you’re thinking healthy food sounds really boring right, but let’s look at some ways: you can spice these basic meals up just a little bit.

Easy Keto Meal Prep

If you want Mexican, you want to be trying lime and chili. If you want Indian, you want to be trying curry powder and garam masala. If you want something from the Middle East, you want to be trying lemon and parsley. If you want Greek, you want olive oil lemon and Oregon.

Oh, if you want Italian, you want to be trying olive oil and basil. If you want French, you want to be trying wine and butter or cream. If you want Spanish, you want olive oil, garlic and almonds. If you want Hungarian, you want to be trying paprika and onion.

If you want Nepalese, you want to be trying lime, ginger and chili. You want to be trying Thai food, then try ginger, shallots and cilantro or coriander. If you want Vietnamese, try fish, sauce and lemon. If you want Japanese, you want tamari, sauce or coconut aminos and sake.

If you want Korean, you want to be trying tamari, sesame and chili, and if you want Chinese, you want to be trying tamari and ginger. If you’re from Australia, you can probably just put some Vegemite on it and call it a day from the land down under if you’re from Canada, you can probably put some cheese sauce on it and call it poutine and if you’re from America well, I’m just gon Na leave that there so again, these basic meals can be turned into some really easy, culinary cuisines, simply by getting creative with herbes spices and garnishes available to I’m going to show you some examples that might go together, but remember this is entirely up to you and What you’ve got available in your region,

So this next meal is a really simple omelet made with butter and spinach, but watch as I put the raw ingredients on the plate see how they approximately take up 50 % vegetables, 25 % protein and 25 % fat. This is the concept for all of the meals within this video, so we’re going to heat up a frying pan and place the butter inside to melt, so it mixes with the eggs, I’ve separately, whisks the eggs with a fork, and they are going to go into The pan this will only take a minute or two to cook and place the spinach in the pan as well to wilt down cover with any spice combination. You like and you’ve got a really simple, keto friendly meal.

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This next meal is a simple take on a broccoli and beef, so again: 50 % vegetables, 25 % protein and 25 % healthy fats you’re going to cook the mince first until it begins to turn a brownish color and then you’re going to put in the sliced Broccoli and cook that for about five minutes, or so until it’s slightly crunchy, still cover with the added butter and spices of your choice, and you have another really simple: healthy keto friendly meal. Next up is a delicious garlic, shrimp served with cauliflower rice, again, 50 % cauliflower 25 % protein and 25 % fat will always come out very close to a ketogenic macro ratio.

The shrimp I use here is a precooked version, so you can add the butter once, if thought sufficiently mix in some garlic with the butter and using a food processor slice, the cauliflower down until it’s about rice sized pieces, you can also add store-bought cauliflower rice to This mix as well for an even simpler meal, but nevertheless this is a winner in my books, if you think you might need more or less food than what’s shown here, simply adjust the size of your plate and keep the same ratio in mind next up.

We have a bacon and avocado salad. That is really basic, so make sure you add some herbs and spices to really keep this meal tasty. Most people here probably already know how to cook bacon. So we can just watch and draw, but you want to keep it fairly. Crisp also be sure to eat this meal fresh, as lettuce can be a fairly nasty food when it comes to salmonella.

Poisoning don’t store this in the fridge for too long slice up ricotta with a blunt knife not like this hero here, who thinks he’ll, never cut his hands, cutting avocado and enjoy topped with crispy bacon and even a drizzle of olive oil or a splash of lemon Juice, this one’s really tasty.

This next recipe is a throwback to my days of eating tuna every day at work. Little did. I know that mixing it with some homemade mayonnaise would make plain old tuna taste so much better. If you don’t know how to make homemade mayonnaise be sure to watch the video in the link below, I don’t eat tuna every day these days, because tuna can be a great source of heavy metal’ and not the good kind. Again. This meal is a combo of 50 % spinach or whatever vegetables you like 25 % tuna and 25 % mayonnaise. Add some curry powder to really give this meal some zest and mix it all together with the spinach.

This meal could be great for work as you. Don’T have to cook a single ingredient and it can be made using a single plate as shown again here are some good old lettuce back for another round, but this time we’re making a cheesy chicken, salad, so 50 % lettuce, 25 %, chicken thigh and 25 % Cheats approximation is your friend with this ratio, so don’t get too caught up in the details. I didn’t place the chicken on the plate for a really important reason. You don’t want to mix raw chicken with fresh lettuce like that, in fact make sure you clean your chopping board.

Well, if alternating protein sources, my years of working in a butcher shop, taught me that one we’re learning so much in this video. So many handy tips just thrown in casually be sure to share this video with your friends. So we can all live in a happy food poisoning free world anyway, slice, the cooked chicken or you could even just use rotisserie chicken.

What we call barbecued Chuck here in Australia, grate the cheese over whatever you like, but try and get it on the plate and add the chicken and you’ve got yourself a super easy keto friendly meal dress it up. However, you like and enjoy your simple 3 Ingredient Easy Keto Meal Prep.

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