15 EASY FREEZER MEALS For Instant Pot or Slow Cooker

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Today we’re gonna make 15 easy freezer meals for instant pot and slow cooker freezer Mills just for you guys

So as a busy mom freezer meals literally saved my life especially if I can prep them fast and keep them in my freezer and pull them out when I need them

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When you know the day is crazy and you don’t have time to cook everything shoot what’s for dinner I know so having these on hand ready to go to any moment literally is a game changer so these 15 Mills they ended up the total for all the ingredients ended up being about $150 which comes out to be $10 a meal which is not bad for feeding anywhere from four to six people yep plus the prep is already done we’re gonna prep all 15 and you can do it too in about an hour


So if you guys are ready let’s get cooking so we decided to make these freezer meals for you because our sweet friend Erica from favorite family recipes has started something that she’s doing a freezer mill class now Camille first introduced me to a freezer meal class and it was amazing world the razor mill oh my god every mom’s best friend seriously it was wonderful the only bad thing was it costed about $200 for ten meals and as I went back and checked the prices of what things really cost it really only costed me about a hundred and five maybe 106 dollars but I paid $200 for it and so I was a little frustrated like man I I could do this myself but then my friend Erica contacted me she’s like look this is what I want to do she’s like I want to help ladies make these freezer meals in just a short amount of time and I want to make them with them

So they can do it wearing their pajamas yeah in the comfort of their own home yeah and make them at a good price point that you can actually almost double your recipes from the cost so if you want to check out Erica’s live freezer milk class go ahead and click the link down below I’ll put it there in the description for you so if you guys are ready we’re gonna first make our first instant pot recipe

Now we’re going to make five different recipes three times so we’re gonna make 15 recipes in about an hour yes No and that’s way to do it to do in batches like this you’re gonna save money and obviously you’re not gonna eat them back-to-back yeah but just spaced them out over the couple of months that’s right because they last about three months in the freezer which is perfect and then if you can even double bag it the less even a little longer so all right okay let’s get started so we’ve already prepped our bags yep so want to be sure to write on it what it is yes and how long to cook it for because when it’s frozen and you pull it out and it just is a big blob of all but nothing you don’t know so that’s super important to write what it is and the cook time on there yes so these are our instant pot Hawaiian meatballs now they cook about seven minutes in your instant pot or three to four hours in your slow cooker

EASY FREEZER MEALS For Instant Pot or Slow Cooker

Now if you guys are proud of me so many of you recommended these things for me for freezer meals then I finally broke down and bought some so I’ll put a link to good Amazon in the description yeah for you so if you’re wondering what they are just holds your bag open so that you can just load the stuff in you don’t need two people to make it yourself all right do you sometimes use just like a big plastic pitcher that I got the dollar store yeah and that works to hold it over mm-hmm all right without our meatballs first things just meatballs any kind of meatballs will work yep so these ones are 32 ounce you can have like a 22 24 ounce tube that will work perfectly with this Brenda P and you said that these Mills feed four to six yes this one can even stretch – exactly I was gonna say this one makes a little bit more takes a lot a lot of Meatballs yep okay next let’s do our peppers so we chopped up a red peppers a red pepper in each one yep oh I love when you make your own freezer meals too because you can load in as many vegetables as you want and like the more and that I know that my kids like and will eat exactly or takeout vegetables that your kids yes exactly I also usually throw in a green pepper to these oh nice just for more pepper right now we’re adding a 20 ounce can of pineapple chunks now we’re adding in the liquid too because you’re gonna need that liquid if you’re cooking it in the instant pots I think it helps in the slow cooker – I think so too I like more moist the sweet from the pineapples yes okay all right so first thing going in we’re gonna do 1 cup of brown sugar just pack it in there I use one on page one mm-hmm why she’s doing brown sugar I’m going to do the vinegar it’s about 2/3 cup of white distilled vinegar in each one – now I know what you’re thinking vinegar that sounds disgusting but it actually makes it taste so good yep it’s just kind of the acidity with the sweetness like it all comes together right sorry I gave you the hard job so it’s a ground sugar it’s not live in a girl reminds me of Easter Easter eggs I am shaky I am safety there we go and then when she finishes up brown sugar I’m just gonna add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce to each one – all right we got all the ingredients in yep no now we just gonna zip them up and then kind of stir around the flavors that’s what I do is that what I do really do too just so they’re kind of all incorporated now here’s the thing when you’re making these freezer meals you want the gallon sized bags to be freezer bags otherwise they’re too thin and they will break open in your freezer Oh so make sure you’ve got thick thick freezer bags all right trying to get that brown sugar in there yeah right and I mean you can I mean you don’t have to do it too much right I know just but it’s all gonna cook together yeah exactly we’re good so you can see these bags are pretty chuck full if you have just a little bit of freezer space that’s the great thing about these is they’re not gonna take up a ton no I would recommend laying them flat and stacking them up however if you’ve got the room freeze them kind of standing up because it’s gonna be so much easier to pop that in when it’s frozen in that shape pop it into your instead of like a square then you’re trying to shove in wig I know and that works – and you can thought in the microwave a little bit and you’re gonna be fine yeah okay okay we’re done with those three we’re gonna move on to the next recipe okay so this next recipe is our three ingredient chicken tacos and these are so versatile you can put them like of course on tacos I have to put them on salad yeah I like to mix them in just all kinds of stuff I didn’t a burrito I make enchiladas not your toffee there we go there’s something for everybody okay so a great thing about doing freeze milk you can use frozen chicken so if you’re grossed out by raw chicken this is perfect yeah so we just bought a big huge bag of like three pounds of chicken

So I’m just gonna divide it between the three so one pound of chicken will feed about four people if you want to make this a little bit more I mean there’s gonna be plenty of seasonings you can add more chicken as needed perfect now before we get too far into it you can make this in the instant pot and slow cooker in the instant pot if it’s frozen we’ll cook about 25 minutes if it’s thawed about 20 minutes and then if you cook it in the slow cooker I like to cook it for about six to eight hours yeah I’m low on low not high on low so we’re gonna put a can of salsa into each bag so it’s just a 16 ounce can yeah and I love Critias do you like it is there des air dip hair no I don’t know but it’s my fave I do too and it’s actually a really good price to start exactly not fun that’s just I highly treat it at first if I have also made this before with homemade salsa it was amazing you can also if you want to do a homemade taco seasoning cuz the next thing we’re throwing in is just a packet of taco seasoning it’s so easy to make a homemade version yeah but if you’re short on time just throw in a packet and a lot of these ingredients I just got like the cheapest price of most the items to make you kind of stay within my budget so these are just a Kroger brand taco seasoning we saved about a dollar because it’s curbside okay right not that it and so when you serve these we just usually do them on like hard taco shells you know with cheese super simple with kids they don’t need a lot more but like we talked about this chickens so versatile exactly it is it for whatever you need if you’re cooking news in your instant pot you might want to add about 1/2 a cup of water just to give it just a little bit more liquid in it but if you’re cooking in the slow cooker you don’t need to add anything else yeah you’re good all right I love these little things no no make it so easy all right another one down okay all right the next recipe that we’re making our country-style ribs and these are boneless ribs you can get them just over in your butcher area they usually say country style right on them that’s how I know ok these are because so they’re boneless they’re not very fatty and that’s why I like them they’re also usually really inexpensive so if this is a cut of meat Yama used before how they recommend it and this recipe is so easy so our mom used to make this recipe for Sunday dinner spiced we’re like once a month it was like the go-to Sunday dinner and all of us just loved it so you guys got these just fall apart after they cook if you can’t find them at your grocery store I’ve also made this with pork chops oh and it’s worked just as well so right she’s adding meat I’m gonna add one onion that we’ve already chopped and gotten ready so I’ll just dump it right in oh yeah ok [Music] it does make it go by a lot faster if there’s two people yeah nothing the instant this is something to do with girlfriends or even get your kids involved and say okay your job is to add the onion your job supporting the saw that’s a great idea yeah all right so now we’re gonna add a whole container of barbecue sauce we’re just gonna dump the whole thing in and you can use your favorite kind whatever this again I went for whatever was like least expensive but actually Kroger or Smiths or whatever your Kroger is by you they make really good sausage I was I was impressed with the flavor yep there’s also you can usually find really good sells our favorite is sweet baby Ray’s I usually when I go to Stubb’s makes a really good one yes all right while you’re finishing that up we’re gonna stick about a half a cup of brown sugar in each one if you want to cut back on sugar I feel like this is why this is one you could yeah quarter cup sugar okay so here is the secret ingredient to this so this is called liquid smoke you can find it by the barbecue sauce yes yes usually ask a dollar too but it’s a game changer in this recipe it just adds this deep smoky taste witness usually I’m getting from the smoker so I’m thinking we got to Table two tablespoons of that of this and each one this is strong so if you don’t want it too smoky you can cut it in half but exactly and you can find liquid smoke at every grocery store at Walmart Kroger never it’s on Amazon exactly yeah so if you’re gonna make this recipe invest in some liquid smoke yes okay all right I think that’s it we get the rest of barbecue sauce smell good okay good to go close it up actly boop bus now this one will feed I feel like it feeds closer to four people yeah so just if you’re worried yeah if you have more people in your family just make sure you have a few more sides and you’ll be good here we go yep or if you want to throw in to make sure ribs you can do that yeah sometimes we get complaints that oh you use all canned ingredients it’s not all healthy like this is just the main dish so with your side dishes yeah I make those all super healthy – yep so we always serve dinner with inappro– those do make your sides be healthy and you could also do a homemade barbecue sauce if you are that domestic yep some people are witches are and all their simple recipes out there so look exactly okay okay I’m dying all right so the next recipe we’re making is Philly cheesesteaks now I love Philly cheesesteak a good sandwich exactly so this is super simple if you cook it in your instant pot it will only cook for about eight minutes or so if you use thin meat if you use a little bit thicker you might have to go up a little more to like 1520 yeah but I I mean Philly cheesesteaks it’s usually thin cut meat so it only takes about eight minutes and then if you cook it in your slow cooker I would say probably about three to four hours on low okay all right you ready yeah let’s do it okay so these are bags that I got at Walmart and now you can buy all kinds of different like beef fajitas yeah just to any type of thin slices me will work for this right so if you didn’t want to get some that are like prepackaged like this you can get it from the butcher just buy a beef roast right you can even ask you I said they’d slice it up for you so we’re just gonna get this so okay you have about what 15 ounces in each one yeah so so we’ll put these bags yep and we’re really good at eyeballing right yeah totally and that’s all you need to do for these recipes exactly cool okay now an onion one whole onion in each one so you can’t have like bigger pieces of onion but I kind of like I’m smaller instead yes it’s totally your preference and then one green bell pepper and you can slice it however you want I like to keep my bell pepper a big when I’m cooking it spotter so cooker because they do free Ben get really soft if they’re too small so I usually chop them pretty big smart all right next thing is just one package of Italian zesty seasoning it doesn’t have to be zesty it can be just dry Italian again I went the cheaper route so we drank ogre brand and it smells and tastes delicious I’ve seen too you can make this from scratch as well oh nice yeah so just google a recipe homemade Italian dressing mix nice I’ll pull something up and it’s probably seasonings you have on hand yeah but for convenience sake this is a great option exactly and then just about anywhere from a half a cup to a cup of some beef broth we’ll probably do a cup in each one okay and just kind of guess our way through I’ll do this one then all you do the last tank sounds good and then to serve these whoa are you ready yes okay so I love bread I love sourdough bread so I like to get some sourdough bread and then cut them open put some provolone or other cheese on top and then put them in the broiler for a few minutes then I’ll put these on top of it so my bread is all nice and crispy it’s awesome and then of course if you want your special Philly cheese super authentic these Philly cheesesteak you gotta spread the cheese whiz on top for those of us who don’t like Jesus yeah you don’t have to it’s okay it is ein every once in a while I would like the crusty bread oh my gosh yes these also smells oh my gosh right my husband comes home he’s like oh I know what’s for dinner okay next one down all right we have one more recipe to make so you’re ready so the last recipe we’re making today is our delicious port chili verde you can use this for whatever you want kind of like the chicken yeah tacos we made earlier you can put it on we just put it in burrito or like tortilla wrap it up yeah so tacos burritos nachos salads whatever you want exactly I love to make little I love street tacos so make little street tacos put a little salsa on top and you’re good work just eat it as it it’s perfect like this – so before we get started on everything tell you how to cook cook it cooking times yeah so we put the whole pork roast in there now if you wanted to cook for less time you could chop up the pork roast into like three sections if you did that it would only cook for about 30 minutes but because we put in the whole pork roast because they were frozen you know we’re gonna cook it anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes just to make sure that it’s cooked all the way through and to make it soft so it’ll just shred apart yeah now if you’re cooking this in your slow cooker I highly suggest anywhere from like 6 to even 10 hours in your slow cooker so low and slow and is low best for this one I love using pork roast like a lean pork roast it is so inexpensive it’s so good for you it’s a great cut of meat tastes like chicken to my kids so they eat it so so many pros going on awesome okay so we already put yeah the roast in obvious yeah but the roast is ready to go you want to tell them yeah this is okay one ingredient that’s a little bit different than all the rest and maybe some of you are not familiar with it is these are tomatillos it basically is like a green tomato that’s wrapped in leaves so when you see that the store and it’s got its leaves all wrapped around it that’s the right thing no all that you’re gonna do is just kind of peel back these leaves and pull them off and then just roughly chop the tomatillos so I just did it into quarters it looks a little different than tomato but really good please yep so that’s what that ingredient is and what’s funny is the leaves are kind of sticky Oh so that leaves kind of makes your fingers sticky a little bit I mean yeah two of those go in each bag perfect all right then we chop up an onion so one onion onion each one okay and then one whole green pepper and I chopped him up into pretty small pieces yeah so obviously we’re making chili verde you want to make sure you’re using salsa verde which basically is green salsa exactly oh and it’s my favorite all right you pour that one in yep okay why you do that we’re also gonna add some more green chili so just a small can of your green chilies and we’re just leaving all the liquid in these because yes we like liquid especially for using any image any pot okay all right last thing well Oh Alma can I tomatoes keep the liquid in there don’t drain it now usually I don’t go name brand when I’m trying to go discount but these were actually cheaper than other brands so okay how much cumin so there’s 1 teaspoon of cumin use them a lot of these recipes you can add more salt and pepper sometimes I like to add it after it’s cooked just to see how the flavor you do an evening you’ll need actly do that all right this is a booth up as we finish up here we want to know what’s your favorite instant pot freezer mill mmm it’s your go-to recipe that you can prep quickly and get it on the table fast right and if you need more instant pot freezer meals be sure to check out our favorite insta-buck freezer meals right there and we will see you guys next Monday Oh see you later

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