10 Side Items for Your Next Cookout | Backyard Grilling Ideas for Sides

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You may think a cookout is defined by its burgers and barbecue ribs, but that’s just the beginning. Listen up grill masters, we’re gonna let you in on something. The secret is actually in the sides. Burgers on their own are good, but when they’re nestled on a paper plate among hearty piles of creamy potato salad, crisp watermelon and buttery corn, then you have yourself a real, bonafide cookout meal. Here are 10 summer cookout sides guaranteed to make a splash at your next backyard barbecue. Now, we know that grilled corn on the cob is not exactly revolutionary. But this version is grilled and dilled and lathered in a creamy, tangy, sour cream topping.


Grilling recipes ideas – Add a little chili powder and fresh Cojita cheese and this corn may just become the star of your next cookout meal. If your mouth is burning after hearing about that last recipe, a bite of this marinated tomato and cucumber salad will refresh your palette like a dive in a cold swimming pool. But here’s a tip. Keep a couple of breath mints on hand after eating this. If you’re looking for summer lovin’, the smell of onion and vinegar on your breath will not help you. – Ha ha. – [Narrator] These days cauliflower masquerades as many things. Sometimes it’s a pizza crust. Other times it looks like an innocent bowl of mashed potatoes. But you’ve never seen cauliflower like this before. Introducing cauli-tater salad. It’s a low carb take on a summertime favorite, and it has all the creamy tang of its beloved potato salad inspiration. This next recipe is sinfully good.

Hot chicken deviled eggs will add a little spice to your cookout spread. Filled with bits of fried chicken crispies and topped with a hot sauce drizzle, this devilish delicacy is anything but evil. (laughs maniacally) If you don’t wanna spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this Caesar pasta salad is the perfect no-nonsense side dish for your upcoming cookout. Simply toss your Caesar dressing with cooked pasta, grape tomatoes, chopped romaine lettuce and lots of Parmesan. This recipe comes together so fast you’ll be back to enjoying the cook out in no time.

For the more sophisticated eaters around your table, you may prefer and off the cob corn variety that won’t end up all over your face. This street corn salad is easy to make and eat. Toss your corn, tomatoes and radishes with some olive oil, fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro. Top the salad with Cojita cheese and enjoy. Before all of your dill pickle chips are consumed by hungry eaters dressing their pork sliders, set some aside for this pickle coleslaw recipe. Chopped dill pickles and a splash of pickle juice give this slaw its unique briny flavor. After trying this recipe, you may ditch plain old dill pickles altogether and start topping your barbecue with this coleslaw instead. Step aside hot dogs, watermelon is here to claim some of the grill gate real estate. Spicy grilled watermelon gets a sweet and fiery kick from the marinade of honey, lime juice and Tagine seasoning.

Let each piece sizzle on medium high heat until you see char marks. If grilling fruit is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. On a sweeter smelling note, this ginger-lime fruit salad is what lip gloss flavored dreams are made of. This recipe calls for strawberries, blueberries and tropical mango, but feel free to adjust the recipe based on your preference. Let us know which fruit combos you try in the comments. When cabbage meets a grill, its leaves become oh so tender. Slice your cabbage into wedges and grill evenly on all sides. Drizzle each wedge with the creamy chive dressing and let your taste buds be amazed with every succulent bite. You won’t believe you’re actually eating cabbage. Now that you have this many recipes to choose from, those paper plates might not cut it anymore. You’ll need more than one sturdy dish to hold all of these cookout sides. Hit the subscribe button for more backyard barbecue inspiration. And don’t forget to like and share this video. After watching, your friends will be begging for an invite to your next cookout.

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