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Today we have another meal, prep video, but today’s Meal Prep to LOSE WEIGHT is so different from all my other meal preps.

So far We are only using eight ingredients. We are making ten meals with eight ingredients, excluding a pantry stuff like lemon juice, salt, pepper.

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So yeah just eight raw ingredients and five recipes for five days So yeah the meals are all really simple to make. They are not like challenging or very difficult.

Meal Prep to LOSE WEIGHT

They’Re, just simple ingredients made into very delicious stuff. The meals today are very Nutritious. They are really healthy for you and, if you’re looking to lose some weight or maintain your weight And you don’t really want to think too much about food, you just want some easy recipes Meal Prep for weight loss to follow.

10 Meal Prep to LOSE WEIGHT

Then this is the video for you. So, if you’re interested then keep on watching and Also don’t forget to smash that like button down below, because that really helps me out and yeah, let’s start cooking, So we have eight ingredients. Today we have two sweet potatoes, quinoa, kale, zucchini, capsicum, Avocado, sardines and chicken.

You can prep your meals in bulk, so adjust to how much you normally eat Per meal. This is the amount I need for about four days We’re going to prep the ingredients. First, then you can cook them every other day or so for Freshly cooked meals. I like to have my meals fresh, so this is the best way to have very quick, yummy, fresh meals. Also, this gives you the flexibility to change it up a little, so you don’t get bored, But if you prefer to prep and cook everything in one go, then you can do that as well.

Let’S start prepping the first ingredient I’m going to prep today is sweet. Potato because it’s takes the longest to cook, So I normally take the skin off. If it’s not organic, cut them into chips, size then soak it in cold water, but this is totally optional. You can soak it for an hour Or you can just rinse it and Pat it dry and add some oil.

If you want your sweet potato to be crispy, Then add some cornstarch before you add the oil make sure you coat them Evenly now season it with salt, if you like, but I like mine, plain with just oil, roast them in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius and flip them once in between and that’s it.

The second step is to cook quinoa, and this is super easy, Just rinse, a cup of quinoa with cold water, then add one and a half cup of water and bring it to a boil, then Bring down the heat and let it simmer for about 15 minutes And don’t forget at some salt You can also add some butter when it’s cooked now on to out third Ingredient hit up some coconut oil and fry the chicken tenderloin There is a white chicken.

Tenderloin is because you don’t have to cut them. It is really fast and easy So, while the chicken is cooking season them with salt and pepper Cook, each side for about 3 minutes And that’s a it’s super, easy and simple, you can also add other sauces from my pantry to make your chicken more tasty.

I love this jalapeno sauce because there’s no Nasties added to that and once they’re done, I let them rest on the plate for a while, so that they are not so moist when I pack them into the container and that way the chicken will last a little Bit longer and The chicken should be consumed within 4 days Now. Our fourth ingredient is capsicum.


I, like my capsicums raw, because they are really nice and sweet Naturally, and I can also keep that longer in the fridge that way you can dice it or slice it Just do what you like to it. Next, our fifth ingredient is kale, Just chop it up into small pieces and you can cook them or have them raw.

This is totally up to your liking, But I normally have them cooked a little. Next we are going to prep our zoodles. If you don’t have a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, You can use a peeler to make them into thin slices of zucchini noodles like Fettuccine in a way.

So that’s an option. If you don’t have a spiralizer, And you can just store this in a container in the fridge now, The last ingredient we are going to prep is sardines. You can cook them with tomato paste. If you have that in your pantry or tomato sauce or You can go for sardines that come with tomato sauce, so you don’t have to Do anything just pan fry them for a minute or two, then flip them over.

That’S it! It’S super easy. Also, if you don’t like sardines, you can go for salmon or tuna or white fish For avocado we’re going to only cut them when you want to eat them, because the turn brown so quickly. So here’s all the final prep ingredients ready for us to put together to be turned into yummy meals.

I’M going to show you five recipes but feel free to make adjustments to them as necessary. Instead of using the sauces I use, you can use your favorite sauces. You can use healthy mayonnaise or you can use Pesto, there’s just so many options, so yeah just change it up based on your liking. The first dish I’m going to make is stir-fry kale capsicum with chicken first add some butter or oil to the pan Cook.

The kale for a minute add the capsicum, sweet, potatoes and salt mix them well together. Now dice up, half an avocado and add the cooked chicken tenderloins.

This is so easy and so delicious and dish one is done for dish number two. I normally like to warm up my quinoa with a little bit of grass-fed butter and salt, so that it’s more tasty But totally optional. Just do what you like to it. You can add some herbs, You can add some pepper or some sauces and now I’m going to plate up my second dish.

We have some cooked quinoa, Sweet potatoes, raw capsicum and chicken tenderloins. The third recipe is zucchini noodles with sardines, First heat up some butter on pan and add some zucchini noodles and stir It don’t cook them for too long just for 30 seconds or so Then heat up the sardines.

If you overcook the noodles, it’s gon na turn. Really soggy so just make sure you just heat it up quickly. Now heat up the sardines, you can add more tomato paste or tomato sauce. If you like and that’s it, This is really really tasty and I love love this dish so much.

The fourth recipe is quinoa Bowl with vegetables and sardines. Like I mentioned earlier, I, like my quinoa cooked with some butter and salt. Then I just use all the prep ingredients and make it into a bowl of healthy salads. I have sweet potatoes, capsicum and avocado quinoa and sardines here and That’s it so for the dressing You can use some lemon juice with oil and salt Or you can go for balsamic, vinegar with olive oil or other type of salad dressings.

The final recipe is zucchini. Fettuccine with chicken, so if you have pesto sauce in your pantry, you can use that. So it’s super easy and fast. But honestly, you can use any sauces that you like best and just Add some chicken on top as your source of protein. But if you need sauce with raw ingredients,

I got your back, You can try this recipe, add half an avocado, lemon Salt and some olive oil to a food processor. I would normally add some hot sauce to it, because I just like it more tasty, you can also add some Cashews or pine nuts.

If you have those in your pantry, then process it and mix it into your warm fettuccine again I heat up my zucchini fettuccine just for a couple of seconds mix the sauce in That’s it. Those are the five recipes you can make using only 8 ingredients.

You can make two meals out of each recipe or you can make more out of your. You know favorite recipes, But just change it up to your liking. You don’t have to use capsicum. You can use tomatoes, just your favorite vegetables.

I hope you enjoyed today’s recipes meal prep for weight loss. Prep format, as it gives you more flexibility to change up your meals, So you don’t get bored, so this is great for those of you guys would get bored easily.

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